Strip and Dip Details 2017

Can you believe its only two more sleeps? Oh what fun we are going to have ladies. This will be our biggest dip with around 250-30o women taking part.

11.30/12.00″ish”PM START at the beach car park

The beach we are doing it at is called Magheramore Beach in between Wicklow Town and Brittas Bay Beach.

This is the same beach as we did it for last four years :-)

It is a private beach and will be manned by two security guys and one security person at the top of the beach to block off intruders from any other beaches.  There will also be women from the local Rugby Club ensuring our privacy. Wayne will be the only man in the vicinity and has to be there to make sure other people don’t. The beach is approximately 8km from Wicklow Town heading towards Brittas Bay.

I think you will agree its a fabulous beach and is privately owned and can only be accessed by a small dirt track. The owner of the property has also kindly donated the services of three security people to make sure its just us.

There will be some people meeting up in the car park of the Grand Hotel in Wicklow at 11.30am if you would like to come up with a gang.  We can share lifts etc and have a bit of craic.

Start Time

We are to meet at 11.30/12 noon ish so we can have a bit of a giggle. When driving to destination (see map below) for big map….. “go through Wicklow Town towards the coast and keep going, you will pass Wicklow golf club on your left after another 4km you will pass Blainroe Golf Club. Slow down you are 2km from the beach on the left hand side you will see a sign saying Beach Closed til 4pm Today when you see this you got the right beach. You will see a barrier and two guys at the barrier then you are at the right place. There are one of three passwords you have to give them to get in its either

c)used to have them

If stuck for directions please call either of these numbers 087 973 6243 or 087 9379214

Whats happening on the day

Meet from 11.30/12 at the beach car-park. Come down in whatever clothes you want and we can get changed into whatever in the Car Park, people are wearing dressing gowns, dresses, big t-shirts, vajazzles whatever you feel comfortable in of course. A good few women are wearing fun hats and gimmicky thing so feel free to do (or not to do) whatever you want.  Loads of body art going on as well.

Most people would bring a tipple or two to have in the car park before the dip.  After a while and a few nips of whatever tickles your fancy.

At around 1.15/130 we will head down to the beach.  This year we have a big prop especially made by the lovely Yvonne Sheridan for our group photo.   Barbra will be doing the photographs again.  There is a flag at the bottom of the prop please drop your gowns there and run behind the prop.  Smaller people at the front so the ones behind can get in the shot.   The prop will be covering everyone’s bits so don’t worry about that.  Remember if you can’t see the photographer the photographer can’t see you.  We will have a loudspeaker on the day so will bark orders at you :-)

This will be an amazing photo of us all on the day and will be used on Social Media and hopefully some newspapers.  I will ensure that there are no bits showing – I have years of whiting out boobs on Photoshop at this stage (if there are any seen).

When Barbra is happy that she has all the photos she needs of the Group her photo aid Davina will run up onto the hill of the beach to prepare for a shot of us all going in from behind.  This will be the back of us so no-one recognisable only those who have seen your ass before maybe :-)    Once Davina is set up there we will get a countdown on the megaphone 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 then its run for your lives.

We have one more thing which we will do after the dip.  It’s the words Cancer Kickers and would love if anyone who has gone through cancer or is currently going through it would get in this shot as a celebration that there is life after cancer.


There will be two photographers on the day and I will have someone take a video on my phone of us all running into the sea.    No other phones or photography allowed on the beach we have to respect each others privacy.  So please leave your phones in the car park.  If you want some “cheeky” shots of you and friends or family that’s no problem just ask the photographer and Barbra will give me all the photos and I can forward them to you.  Last few years we arranged messages on bums this is not planned for this year but please ladies if you want to do something for you and your friends please go for it and just tell the photographer you would like the shot.

Please be careful of putting pictures on Facebook from the car park please make sure that no other dipper is shown in a state of undress :-)

Suggest maybe bring a bottle of bubbly (cheap or expensive) and a couple of plastic glasses to toast ourselves afterwards. Please Please make sure you bring plastic bags for your rubbish, this is a private beach and they have had issues before with illegal dumping. Recently people left it in a mess and they have cleaned all the litter away at a huge cost to the property owner. They have been so kind to let us use this property we have to make sure not a scrap is left behind – thanks Ladies.

After the Dip

We are ALL going up to the Mariner Pub in Wicklow town for a drink or two. Here we hope to get as many people as possible including those that are not staying down we are hoping you will join us. Wayne our security man has kindly sorted food for us (and he has paid so kind) so there will be some hot platters going around and sambos. Sinead Hamill will be doing her Ditty about the Strip and Dip.  Wayne has organised some music for us too.  J J Jelwellers across the road are helping sponsor this event with music, food and security and will have 20% off for dippers on the day and they are just across the road from the pub.

90 of us staying over in Wicklow Town and you all know where you are staying at that stage. Roughly 14 other people as well joining us for the meal. Meet up in Bar of Grand Hotel for 8pm and go into dinner there for 8.30 for two course meal and coffee €25 per person paid by each person, if anyone wants to join us please let me know.   The hotel is putting on a DJ for us after in the main bar so it will be great and we can dance til the wee hours.


We would really prefer not to get cash donations due to the safety reasons. Maybe you could donate it to yourselves online if you have an idonate account.

However if you have cash donations please put it in an envelope with your name on it and give it to Mary Ball who will be manning a small desk and Grainne giving out hats and asking you to sign an insurance disclaimer to ensure we are all safe. If your still collecting cash after tomorrow please lodge into your account and either donate it to your own idonate account or if you don’t have one lodge it using your name

A Big Thanks to You

A huge thanks to all of you doing this. I know around half of you personally and for some of you I know it takes a lot of courage to do this. We are going to have a FABULOUS DAY

To the people I don’t know personally and I have met through the blogs, we have chatted in the middle of the night when we couldn’t sleep, spoke in chemo rooms and helped each other out when things seemed really dark. Women are amazing people with huge hearts and we are all there to help each other. A lot of you are travelling from Cork, Kildare, Limerick, Laois, Dublin, Sweden, Austria, London, Liverpool, Essex and Rose Vacher came all the way from Australia to be with us.

Lastly this funding will make a huge difference to the children at Aoibheanns Pink Tie and their family and you have all gone above and beyond the call of duty with fund-raising.

As at 08.00 (Online Only Three days before) we have raised €22,702.00 – AMAZING – we will definitely smash all records this year ladies.

Map of the Beach

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Love this Song – Substitute I – for WE and this is WOMEN

THrough wicklow town pass wicklow golf club on your left after 4km you will blainroe golf club on then you are 2km from the site. So slow down on left hand side you will see signs saying Beach Closed and two security on the gate.

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