Strip and Dip 2015

Well our Third Annual Strip and Dip took place last weekend.   Well what a weekend we had was absolutely amazing.  We laughed from 12pm to 4am (or thereabouts) over 85 we reckon this year stripped and dipped and the fun we had was just brilliant.  We are still taking donations of course at and are roughly
up to €14,000 for Aoibheanns Pink Tie – (who support children with cancer and run totally voluntarily)

This year I decided that I wanted to get a message out there.   Sure what better way to do it than bollock naked on a beach in Wicklow.   I really wanted these pictures as thought people might share because they were fun.   When people share the Blog gets mentioned, people might check out the blog and have a read and decide to maybe go get checked, might forward to a person undergoing breast cancer and they might read and have a giggle and cheer themselves up.   If one person gets checked I am happy my whole aim is to avoid
women having to go through what I have.

Three main photos of the day below :-)    The First one really has gone Viral :-)  Over 1900 shares asses have been to Newfoundland and Thailand.

Lovely ladies below I asked if people would volunteer their cheeks for a photo…  no problem to them all had all my cheeks filled pronto!!   Well done ladies

Paper donation by Alphabet Graphics thanks a million and lovingly spray painted by the legendary Patrick O’Carroll.


Hope you enjoy all the photos of the day below:


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  1. Dee says:

    Way to go girls