Here’s to 2015 Folks!

Well its been another roller coaster of a year for me and my health but feeling great now.

I’ve had a lot of medical issues but these are all now dealt with thankfully.  Had only three operations this year and all results were good and now have a bigger boob and a “sort of nipple”.    Next stop tattoo to make it look like more like the other one.   Next August another operation to try get the two of them the same size.  Unfortunately a huge waiting list so can’t be done sooner.

As always I have been blessed throughout the year with friends and family and all your support.   Been reading back through this blog a bit in the last few weeks and while I have enjoyed it made me quite sad in an inexplicable way.    Lost a lot of people this year to the little “c” as always not going to give the bastard a big head with “The Big C”.  It seems to be continuous, some people who were reading this blog have passed away,  some friends have passed and away and some beautiful children.    Life is just so unfair and cruel sometimes.

Right on with the happy hat……..

At the moment I can honestly say I am through the tunnel and my nose is peeping out the other side :-)     What’s in store for me next?    That’s the fun part of not knowing your future you just never know what it brings.   Been toying with the idea of a book and see if anyone would be interested in it.   Also thinking of a new career for the new me where maybe I could be involved with cancer and helping others through it in some way…. mind is thinking….

Great things that happened this year

  • I am still cancer free
  • I have great family and friends
  • All my operations were a success and all areas of body cancer free
  • Can nearly fill a bra :-)
  • I have a cleavage again
  • Had a lovely holiday in Sweden
  • Great break with the girlies in Glasgow
  • Wonderful night at the Marie Keating Fashion Show
  • Met some great new friends
  • Reconnected with great old friends
  • I got an article published in the New York Times blog
  • The dip was a huge success and we raised €28,000
  • I have three gorgeous kids who love me unconditionally
  • I have food on the table and a roof over my head
  • I have you guys

Seriously what more could anyone want?

Wishing you all a wonderful 2015.  Grab life and enjoy it.  Remember it’s not a dress rehearsal its the only one you get so be happy.

Loads of Love

Dee, Dancer and Prancer


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One Response to Here’s to 2015 Folks!

  1. Liz Yeates says:

    Hope 2015 brings you continued health and lots of happiness. So glad to hear that you – & Dancer & Prancer are so well…..see you at some stage, Liz & all the gang at the Marie Keating Foundation