Think we are nearly there…..

 So weird not to have written for so long.  Laptop keyboard is broken and it’s just not the same writing on a PC.  Has to be in bed with a cuppa feeling cosy, however have not got my arse out of the bed to get the Laptop fixed, so PC it is :-)

Since I have last written loads have happened and all good :-)    Two operations and a fashion show in the last five months.  Not one visit to the Doctor for any ailments – that I will drink to.   They had a seat with my name on it in the local GP’s.  On Blood Pressure tablets for life as an outcome – that’s no bother just a pill a day and on Tamoxifin for five or maybe seven years as an insurance policy for recurring cancer, no problem with that either, thankfully for me no side effects and it’s just a pill.

Over two years now since being diagnosed and everyday brings me closer and closer to the finish line (I have in my head).   Finish lines for people with cancer are different, there are loads of finishing lines to be honest, mine is when I look in my “non-existent” diary and don’t see any operations looming or procedures planned.   My finishing line will be when I have walked the walk, talked the talk, did the time, did the pain, most importantly have the all clear.  To me especially it is when I can look down at my body or look into a mirror and see a pair of boobs that look back at me and look okay.  Both similar in size and both have nipples and I feel like a woman again.  That finishing line is within my sights now….. I am so nearly there, next Thursday will be a big day and if the word is good after my nipple op on Wednesday, then a few weeks later its the tattoo of the areola then that’s Dancer and Prancer done and dusted and ready to rock and roll.   Might I add perched way higher than where they were two years ago and looking a lot smaller (lol no harm there).

My little one Beca was over in my sisters house and “took” something.  Next morning she said Mammy I stole something in Mia’s yesterday – I said OMG What…. she showed me the back of the car – she had taken the Breast Cancer Ribbon off Mias car and put it on mine.   “Mammy your the real cancer kicker you deserve the sticker”

Following on from the wonderful Strip and Dip in the end we raised €28,000 for Aoibheanns Pink Tie we were all delighted with the results and the money was put to great use and us Fan Fucking Tastic women had an absolute blast doing it.    Few weeks later had a lovely holiday in Sweden with the family, was a great holiday with fantastic weather and very relaxing.  Came back like a new woman!

As mentioned earlier I am on Tamoxifen and a lot of women get side effects (I unfortunately did not get any).  Apart from the fact that I was bleeding (like a period) when really I shouldn’t have been.   I called the hospital and they said I should get checked out which I did.   Met with the Gynaecologist  in Vincent’s and they said considering my “history” it would be best to get a D&C (scraping of the womb) to ensure that everything was in order.  It was noted that while I was on the table they would “pop” a coil in as well which would also regulate the bleeding.  They also said that given my “history” they would do a biopsy and check for any ovarian or other cancer cells that may be lurking around.

I had my operation and while waiting to go down was told I was also having a hysteroscopy which seemingly takes a good look around the place “up there”.  So two for the price of one, actually three got the coil as well.   Wheeled up to pre-theatre and one of the nurses said “Ah hello Deirdre I see your back with us again” :-)     My Plastic Surgeon the lovely Cathriona Lawlor saw my name on the list and came over and said she was trying to make it a four in one and while under give me a nipple as well but due to time constraints couldn’t.

Anyhow moving swiftly along everything went okay, when in recovering the Gynaecologist said that everything looked okay and I would get my results in around 8 weeks.   To be honest I wasn’t worried in the slightest about any other cancer as it never entered my head for a minute that I had any other cancer.   Went in for my results around two weeks ago now and they sat me down and said that everything looked just perfect.  Not a hint of a bastard cancer cell and nothing all looking like it could turn into a bastard cancer cell.  Now even though not worried at all……. to hear someone say that to you was just wonderful.  A clean slate nothing to worry about. Happy Days! :-) :-)

Then I was one of the lucky ladies to be asked to model in the Marie Keating Foundation Annual Survive and Thrive Fashion show a few weeks ago.  Well my God what a Day we had it was just brilliant.   It was a night of celebrating women who came through breast cancer, remembering those that didn’t and giving hope to those that were going through it.   We got pampered from start to finish and had a brilliant day and night with loads and loads of fun way into the early hours ;-)

See all photos here

Survive and Thrive Fashion Show. Picture by Shane O’Neill / Copyright Fennell Photography 2014. Copyright Fennell Photography 2014

Are you still awake??

Well last weekend had a blast with my girlie friends and had a three-day stint in Glasgow.  Talk about laughing glad I had no stitches to burst.  We laughed from morning to night including getting stuck in lifts at 4am for an hour.   Acting like total teenagers playing prank jokes on the phone – HOW OLD ARE WE?   lol hopefully never too old.  Favourite one was call say John Smith (with loads of letters after his name) … is that John Smith, ACII, ACI, MSC, Bhons, Dip…. yes….. – “God you’re a brainy bollox aren’t you”…..mmmmmmm

Last Wednesday went into Vincent’s for my reconstruction nipple operation and making new boob bigger to match the old one.   Rocked in around 10.30 into the guna I know the drill by now it was my 8th operation.  Nurses know me by name.  Got all the usual poking and prodding, ecg, bloods, samples, blood pressure, forms to fill out etc.etc.  It was told it would take an hour or two til I was brought down – deadly…. time for a nap was pretty sleep deprived after Glasgow.    My lovely Plastic Surgeon came to visit me and tell me what would be happening.  I would be getting liposuction in my tummy which will fill out my new boob and a reconstructed nipple.  There is a chance that my nipple wont “take” especially as it is a radiated boob – but I am crossing everything that it will work as I only get one shot at it.  So POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE firmly in place.

Operation went well.  A doctor came over after I was in recovery and told me to ask for him next Thursday as he was in the operating room. He said the nipple was very thin as it was so close to the implant.  I think I said around four times – what’s your name again?  Still have no idea what his name was but think he had an Aussie accent :-)    Everything bandaged up til the big reveal on Thursday…… I can feel its gonna be okay and then I really am – nearly there, nearly there, nearly there.  If all goes okay its then a tattoo in around 7 weeks or so that will finish EVERYTHING

At the moment I am black and blue, battered, knackered and just came out of a day of feeling sorry for myself (I blame the drugs) - ah sure I suppose that’s allowed every now and again :-)

Guess who is gonna get one Fan Fucking Tastic bra for Christmas this year.

Myself and my daughter Katie are listening to this now – crank it up – arms in the air everyone!!!   That’s defo a cheek ass jiggler :-)

Until we meet again enjoy your Bank Holiday Weekend – Dare to be Different!

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11 Responses to Think we are nearly there…..

  1. Tim C says:

    As ever you Rock so chuffed to her youre smacking the big c in the teeth…HERO

  2. C says:

    Another great inspirational piece. Having a tough few days at the moment, a lot of old memories surfacing of a dear friend who did not manage to beat this bastard though he fought it with every breath in his body. Great to read such positivity and great news. Keep healthy x

  3. Michelle W says:

    Welcome back to blogland! Missed ur updates, glad to hear ur doing so well, if anyone deserves it YOU do… Your an inspiration Dee

  4. Mary says:

    As always Dee you are a rock…! Really enjoyed our weekend in Glasgow, what a great idea thanks for that, as you said we laughed until we pee-ed our pants. How you do it I don’t know, I have never met a person with cancer that was so positive you are an inspiration. xxx

  5. Leo says:

    Well done D. You are an inspiration xx

  6. Lorraine says:

    So happy for all of your good news. Delighted to see an update from you.