Cancer treatment finished – Big Fecking Whoop

Is the cancer part of this really finished?  Eleven months on and finally all cancer treatments are finished feel relieved and so glad it’s all over and feels strange at the same time a bit limbo”ish” :-)

Think it’s roughly three weeks since I last wrote when I said that I was going a little pink from radiation.  Well the last one was yesterday so that was the 28th out of 28 and the skin I must say held up really well.  Now admittedly I do a have a great sun tan on my right chest, as for going topless mmmm don’t think so :-)    Think there might be a mass exodus from the swimming pool or beach.   All in all looking back over radiation it all went very smoothly and compared to chemo it was a walk in the park.  I didn’t burn, my skin didn’t crack, fatigue yes I was tired, but not sure about this fatigue thing would say there was a couple of days last week that I felt absolutely bolloxed so I think that was fatigue :-)     So anyone with radiation planned in the future it really isn’t that bad (well it wasn’t for me anyhow).   Definitely not as much craic as chemo as people don’t really talk so it’s very much you go in, you get zapped and you go home. Chemo there was more of a chance to “mingle” :-) if of course you were in the mood for mingling.  I drove in and out by myself everyday and it wasn’t a bother.

Beca and Maggie came with me for the last one yesterday, Beca had noticed a little girl the last time she was there who was bald, Beca asked the nurse if the little girl had cancer, the nurse was a bit taken aback and said yes she has but she will be well soon.   Beca had been playing with the toys in the hospital and of course had asked if she could take some dolls home which was politely declined, however she decided that yesterday she was going to bring in her prize possession her big Bratz bus and leave it for the sick children she also brought in three dolls (two of the dolls hair had been cut really short because they had cancer).   In she went chuffed as anything to drop off her new toys and dolls they made a great fuss of her and she was thrilled.  On leaving the hospital she decided that two dolls really needed to come home with her as they would miss her as a Mam….. lol so three in two out :-)

The nurses were great in Lukes yesterday they kindly took photos of me on the machine and a couple with them.  The kids were able to see the machine and use the remote control to move it around then got kicked out.  When I came out a friend of mine Ronnie was there to greet me with flowers, wine and a lovely card he made himself so we went for a quick cuppa in the hospital.    Had a lovely relaxing evening got a lovely bouquet of flowers delivered from hubby they were beautiful. Must say absolutely love flowers could sit and stare at them for hours.  Was fast asleep my 11.45 maybe that is fatique very rare that I am asleep by that time on a Friday night I am usually just waking up to spin a few discs :-)

So that’s it folks three-quarters of the way through everything now.  Chemo check, Operation check, Radiation check.  All the cancer treatments are now finished and what I am left with is rebuilding my boob and fixing the other one to match the new one.  All in all I think it’s around three more small operations, expander out, silicon in, left boob reduced and nipple placed where it should be ewwwwww then a nipple for my new boob.   Next appointment not til 19th September so have four hospital free weeks.   I reckon I should be totally out the other side by January/February I have been so lucky so far in that everything has run as planned so I am willing it to continue this way and there will be no setbacks with the new boobs.  Next mammogram scheduled for November I will have six monthly checks to make sure nothing is lurking.

During all this I have been dreaming of a few days holidays somewhere warm, somewhere you can lie on a sun lounger and just relax and feel the heat of the sun.   Well it’s happening myself and my sister are heading to Portugal in a couple of weeks for 5 days.   Thankfully my sister is very quiet and not into going out at night so it will be very relaxing, maybe the odd sherry of an evening :-)    We have six kids between us we reckon best part if someone is shouting “Mammy “at the beach or pool they are definitely not ours :-)    For the last six weeks have been looking at you all on Facebook on holliers with fabulous pools while looking out the garden at my deflated paddling pool – so watch out for loads of blue skies and beach photos :-)

I will of course keep writing my blog for those that still want to read it, still have a way to go and enjoy writing it and good to see that people actually read it!   Can’t believe people enjoy my musings, happy days

Good things that happened in the last few weeks

  • I finished radiation  whoop fucking whoop
  • Great night at Julieannes 40th and great to meet some people who follow this blog in person, Catherine, Andrea and Gary
  • Heading to Mary’s Benefit tonight in Wicklow looking forward to it
  • Bought and actually received school books
  • Lovely lunch with Emer Hynes Denton what fun
  • Nights out with Jackie Desmond, Karen Bedford, Liz Murdoch
  • I wake up each morning and thank Christ I am alive
  • We officially raised €20,417 for Leah and Lilly Mae

That’s it folks I suppose I should get back out of bed again..  woke up this morning and no coffee worst feeling in the world.  Got the little one to run in and get it for me while I was a scanger in PJs in the car – was thinking betcha it will be one of those days you bump into an ex that you haven’t seen in twenty years and they spot you in all your finery :-)   Have a great weekend folks.


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16 Responses to Cancer treatment finished – Big Fecking Whoop

  1. Marian Deasy says:

    You are such a strong, inspiring, amazing lady. Enjoy the holiday it’s been well earned & congrats on reaching this milestone

  2. Linda Duffy says:

    I’m so thrilled for you Dee, you can do without that kind of mingling! Though, if you hadn’t mingled in St Vino’s, Mam & I would never have met you. Have a fab holliers, well deserved! Linda & Pat. X

    • Deirdre says:

      Hi Linda…, yeah can defo do without Chemo mingling but as you say some of the best people I met that way – so happy for your Mam – what a legend!!!!

  3. Lorraine O'Brien says:

    So thrilled for you! Looking forward to those wonderful pictures of a well-deserved holiday on the beach :-) You rock, girl!

  4. Frankie Lewis says:

    Well done to you , there is a very special herb called ‘Astragulus ‘ you can get capsules or liquid tincture , it is wonderful for post radiation treatment , take for 2/3 months daily. Also check if your radiation was an iodide if so you will need some iodine , in the form of ‘Kelp’ taken as little tablets or powder , cheap at €6.00 for over 250 tablets , Vogel make a lovely one . loads of love and hugs to you & your family , Frankie xx

  5. Marie says:

    Delighted for you cuz, enjoy the hols with Mia well deserved xxxx

  6. Edel Matthews says:

    So happy for you, thank you for sharing your “journey” with us have really enjoyed your stories!
    Stay safe, Edel xxxxxx

  7. Avril Mccann says:

    Delighted its all done re treatment. I’ve really enjoyed your blogs. Avrilxx

  8. Helen G says:

    Great news my lovely girl – I can read the happiness in your voice. It is also great to hear you are running away from home with your Sis for a well earned break – just one request?

    Next time you put it out to the Universe, please request a slightly longer (& more expensive) flight to Sydney where there will be a bed waiting for you!

    Keep up the good craic
    Love you long time