7 Down – Now only one more chemo to Go! WhooooHaaaaa

Well my friends WE are seriously Kicking the Shite out of Cancer and yes I mean WE. Without sounding cheesy you have “lifted me up”. You know that feeling when you score a big point or a goal and your team-mates lift you up and you wallow in glory?………..well I don’t know that feeling as it never happened to me in sport anyhow ;-) However with cancer I am sure feeling it, one step closer on the near eighteen month cancer trail and I can feel you guys urging me on. Even when I am down its like a knack some of you have in saying the right things at the right time getting a stupid FB message when I feel like crying but ending up laughing.

Anyhow enough praising you all :-) Went in for second last chemo yesterday and it all went very smoothly and quite quickly this time too. Got to see the doctor straight away and did the usual trying to get the dress up over my shoulders and bra undone (keep meaning to wear a shirt that would make it a lot easier)…. even by looking at my boob she said “this chemo is really working for you I can see just by looking at your boob that the tumour has shrunk” music to my ears I can tell you. Then she did a physical examination and said “I am delighted at how fast this tumour is shrinking and yes I know what your next question is going to be” she got me on that one was going to ask, “if chemo is working so well could I not get some more of it and not have operation and not have to do seven rounds of radio therapy”. Doc said the tumour is shrinking rapidly which is FAB but the cancer is still there, as the tumour is shrinking well I could at this stage probably get away with a lumpectomy (this is where they remove just the lump). Considering that I am “well endowed” she said that if they did this basically my boob would be a mess with half of it cut away – so NO THANKS TO THAT. Was brilliant news that the bastard is shrinking, it looks like 23rd or 30th of April for the cutting of Cancerous Chloe, I am ready for it now probably be sad about it closer to the time – herself and Floppy Fiona have been together a while ;-)

A friend of mine from school Dairiona came into meet me and we had coffee.  I had been in school with Dairiona but we only met back up after nearly 30 years a few weeks ago due to cancer and the power of Facebook.  Dairiona also had breast cancer and is now doing great (doesn’t she look fab she was always the prettiest girl in the class!) - just goes to show you Cancer does have its benefits and its great to talk to someone who has gone through what you have.   My face doesn’t usually look that round gonna blame that on the angle :-)

Got hooked up nicely in the chemo room and started talking to Mary from Greystones who is now finished her Chemo treatments but now on Herceptin which she will take for a year (every three weeks) Mary is HER2 Positive where I am HER2 Negative which means no Herceptin for me.  I will have to take a drug Tamoxifen for five years after to help the reoccurrence 0f cancer.   It’s a long time to be on a drug and it seems to have a lot of side effects, I’m not the best at talking drugs when I should , I mean who gets pregnant at the age of 33and four months before their wedding!!!! DOH   Also meta lovely lady fom Leixlip who started here chemo withme the other day – she is quite like me and is ready to kick this crap.

Met a great lady later on in Chemo would say she was in mid 70′s and dressed every so trendy you could see she was a great character and a real decent Dub. We were chatting away and she was telling me she was going on a cruise to Egypt so she hoped this gobshite (doctor) was going to let her go. Then she told me that it was 8 euro extra for the porthole wasn’t sure what she meant – she more of less roared at me “for the Egyptian Cruise, I mean I don’t smoke myself never have done but Jesus if your going on holiday you should be able to smoke in your room” in this case the port-hole! It was her friend “Peggy” going with her – “she is great craic her husband came into a lot of money a while ago and never gave her a bob he gave loads to the children but not to her, then Peggy came into some money and she didn’t give the bastard any thing” at this stage she was cracking up laughing saying serves the penny-pinching bollox right. Could have talked to her for hours she was lovely, her husband had died and she had a partner since but she said “I couldn’t be bothered with men – sure I have my mates and they make me laugh more than anything.  Sure if you are with a man who doesn’t make you giggle dump him”

Drove home after Chemo to Clane usually stay at Featherstone Place however my Mam ended up in Vincent’s A&E with a kidney problem so two fine Featherstone women under the same roof.  All is well Mam getting out in day or two.

I must tell you about my great new eyebrows , I took a trip to meet Elaine an old friend who has a salon in Greystones UpToMyEyes.com was delighted when I walked in to see another old friend Ciara. We had a great giggle and a cuppa before Elaine got hold of my non existing eyebrows. You will see from the picture I basically had no eyebrows left. Elaine had just flown back from Singapore with this new technology which will be called Embrowdery these eyebrows are more or lest embroidered on to me and they will last one and a half years I was delighted. Elaine put a few eyelashes on me as well but could not put many on as they must have an eyelash to stick too which I don’t really have.  Ladies for you on chemo loosing your eyebrows or if you just want your eyebrows to look better give Up To My Eyes a call on (01) 287 2781 tell them I sent you :-)

I’m in good form so far after chemo spaced out from steroids and I have slept an average of two hours a night for the last I don’t know how may days and its seriously getting to me!   Last night however had five hours in a row :-) was then up at 4.45 dropping hubby and baby to airport to Sweden.  Hoping tonight I will sleep for Ireland, well actually the WORLD.   Will no doubt be sick for the next few days (it’s usually a week) and you know what??   I only have two more weeks of being chemo sick – I don’t care about the pain from the operation just want to get rid of this horrible “dragging” feeling.  So Happy Days!!

Good things that happened this week

  • Spa Break nearly confirmed 30th March for photo shoot with my sis
  • The sun made an appearance
  • I only have one chemo left
  • Holy crap just looked out the window and it’s snowing
  • Lovely card from my cousin Una
  • Meeting with Plastic Surgeon on Thursday to figure out how to get the new Chloe and pick the spirits up of Fiona :-)
  • My hair is attmpeint to grow back – a good few black ones and too many grey ons…
  • Hoping to have a Kicking the Shite out of my Tumour Piss Up – will keep you posted!

Have a great weekend everyone and remember if a friend asks you out and you have the dosh - GO OUT AND ENJOY, dont be lazy, enjoy friends we all need to take more time for them.

A friend of mine Phil Fitzgerald posted this for me – lovely song -hope you enjoy and have people like this if you are going to go through cancer.

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30 Responses to 7 Down – Now only one more chemo to Go! WhooooHaaaaa

  1. Michelle says:

    Great writing as usual Dee. Let me know how you get in with Catriona. What time is your app? M x

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are a virtual Gin and Tonic!!!xxx

  3. Lorraine says:

    So happy you are nearing the end of the chemo road – and… love the eyebrows! You look awesome! You continue to be on my daily prayer list! Now get out there and kick the world’s ass!

  4. Therese says:

    Love the eyebrows! I’ve been on Tamoxifen for two years now and find that it is not too bad. Hopefully it will be the same for you. :)

  5. love the brows, enjoyed your read….best of luck with your last chemo <3

  6. Emer Hynes Denton says:

    Great blog as usual Dee, full of chat, craic and funny observations ;-) Loving the eyebrows – Elaine’s place is fab and she does great work. Hope your sleep pattern settles down soon. xx

  7. You are an inspirational goddess pet. The eyebrows are amazing :) x

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Deirdre, another fantastic piece. I’m not a religious person, but in case I’m wrong I have my Mam on the job, lighting candles for you.
    Your eyebrows are amazing – Good to read about how you got them done – to be honest your brother seemed a bit confused when he was trying to explain it to me. I think he used the word “tattoo” instead of “embroider”! I couldn’t figure out how a tattoo was only going to last 18 months!
    Really really well done, you’re an inspiration!

    • Deirdre says:

      HI Kathryn – I think this is you? My brother was confused so was I to be honest it feels like an embrodery machine andyou actulaly do have
      hairs afte it hard to explan – will be interesting to see how long I keep them – I have never hard such spain between my eyes and yebrows before x

    • Deirdre says:

      HI Kathryn – I think this is you? My brother was confused so was I to be honest it feels like an embrodery machine andyou actulaly do have
      hairs afte it hard to explan – will be interesting to see how long I keep them – I have never hard such spain between my eyes and yebrows before x

  9. You’re almost at the finish line! You sound great, your writing is entertaining as always, and the eyebrows are amazing. Real eyebrows, as in yours growing back, are in your not-so-far future. xo

    • Deirdre says:

      THanks Eileen glad your enjoying the writing – entertaining I suppose as I dont let myself go back and edit it! Yes hopefully new brows be backsoon – few hairs growing on my head too!

  10. Sue Browne says:

    Great you’re nearly there Dee – the eyebrows look fantastic! Was Elaine in school with us? I hope you don’t feel too bad during the week and that you get to sleep for Ireland!! Sue xx

  11. Lucie McEwan Jönsson says:

    Well done Dee you really are a trooper looking forward to seeing Jonas and Beca this week take good care and hope you can sleep and rest xxxxx

  12. Anonymous says:

    Många kramar till dig Dee!!! Ewa

  13. Anonymous says:

    Nearly there dee stay positive and all will be well xxxx Catherine

  14. Charlene Connelly says:

    Hi Dee!
    Charlene (Cleopatra from America at Karen’s 40th) here. Thinking of you today, had my bi-annual mammogram. So happy to hear you are near the end of your chemo and you are doing well. Wish I could be at the end of chemo party! Keep up the blog-I still think you should consider professional writing; many blogs have become books. You have a talent! Best Wishes. Charlene

    • Deirdre says:

      Hi Cleo great to hear from you – hope you recovered after the party okay – what a great night!!! Thanks a million for your wishes – a book you think? Wow that would be so much fun!!!! Hope to see you over here again you never know the BIG PARTY might co-incide with ShowCase xxx

  15. Anne Darcy says:

    Hi deirdre

    Only heard your news a couple of months ago, have being following you since with great admiration! Your blog is witty and an inspiration to us all. I have just finished tamoxifen after 5 years and to be truly honest I never knew I was on it half the time, the side effects for me were very minimal. The positive and happy attitude you have will get you through anything! Keep going you’re fantastic.

    Anne Darcy

    • Deirdre says:

      Hiya Anne Jesus great to hear from you – Nancy had mentioned I should get in touch with you!!! Great to hear you are out the other side and finally finished five years of Tamoxifen – thanks again for getting in touch (thats four out of our class now that have/had breast cancer) fairly high statistic isnt it and thats the ones we know about!!! xxxxx

  16. Jackie McEwan says:

    Great news Dee…..your eyebrows are fantastic….love Jackie xxx