6 Down 2 to Go – and you know what it was Fun!!

On the road again to get my sixth bout of chemo, can’t believe I have been doing this for nearly four months now.   Even after my great news that everything was going the way it should be I was still melancholy for two days before chemo as I seriously dread going now, I hate the fact of knowing that I will be sick after it which is not being negative it’s just fact that’s the way it is :-(      Anyways onwards and upwards in the car with Rod that morning  and a bit of Maggie May.  When I woke up that morning Maggie my nine-year old had done some preparation unbeknownst to me there in the kitchen was a box of Cheerios, three glasses of water and a jug of water if they needed a top-up, three bowls laid out on the counter, three spoons in the bowls and in each bowl there was a hair bobbin – that made me smile its impossible to find hair bobbins in this house, any Mam with school-going daughters will appreciate that :-)

New Chemo Room

Got my usual tea and toast in Featherstone Palace en route and Dad dropped me down to Vincents.   Was looking forward to seeing the new chemo room in Vincents which is now in a completely different part of the hospital in the Nutley Wing.   First into the new waiting room and it was good-sized, bright and airy and wow it had a flat screen TV and they had done the seating arrangement in rows so you didn’t have to stare at the other sick people in the chairs (who didn’t want to be there or look at you either).   Within a few minutes got a call to go into chemo room to see my Doctor.   The new room is state of the art, there are very fancy chairs that you can play with the controls and go up and down :-) there is a good two foot between the chairs, it is bright, airy, it has your very own plug to charge your iPhone (big yeeha for me)  and the room is ubber state of the art.

My Doctor gave me a clinical examination (checked my boob) she said she was very happy with progress and she could feel that the bastard tumour was shrinking (my words not hers).  Music to my ears of course.  I told her that I had been feeling seriously hyper for the last two weeks and she said “yes I can see that you are hyper now” so she cut my steroids in half and told me not to take them the next day,  she said it’s not too good to be too hyper and the comedown could be pretty bad and effecting everyday life and sleep.  Sleep?  whats that I said I sleep around two hours a night so she wrote me out a prescription for sleeping pills (nice doctor :-) All in all a good start to the day.

Now time to get bloods done and find a decent vein for the poison to go through me.  I had a lovely Phillipino nurse trying the first time and when the needle was in me she was whispering “sweet Jesus let me in, sweet Jesus let me in” obviously Jesus wasn’t around at that time and after three fairly painful tries we gave up.  The next nurse came over and checked all the veins and spotted one at the base of my little finger which she thought looked good, she said “it might be a little awkward but this could work” I said “go for it you can stick a needle in my arse at the moment as long as it works”.    Ah sweet Jesus must have got home as she got in first time and hand got bandaged up as was a little awkward – happy days worst part over, time to nip down to the cafe as my bloods get “whooshed” buy the little air machine to the “blood people” for results.

Caffeine tasted as sweet as always and back up hour later, no bloods back yet so spent the time chatting to other people in chemo room.  At this stage I was still really hyper and had a blast with the other patients.  Its great talking to them as we can take the piss out of the way people react to us sometimes like the, head to the right side asking how you are, the people who tell you that they know someone who died of cancer but it wasn’t anything like yours and other little things like that which  we find amusing :-)  Was wandering around the chemo room hyper and feeling the love I sat first with an older lady from Cork asking how she was etc. I couldn’t really understand a word she was saying but nodded hopefully in the right places, then I sat chatting with an older Dublin man for a few minutes he was lovely and we had a nice chat about how we were feeling, how the new room was etc.etc.

A girl called Michelle had been in touch with me through this blog saying her partner was also in Chemo and to look out for him.  As I am a very good detective (like my brother) I figured going back through old chemos who he was – the guy with the Orange clogs….. well I walked down the end of the room and there was Mr Orange Clogs (Tim) in one of the chairs.  We chatted for ages and had a great laugh was so nice to meet you Tim and your very lucky having a partner like Michelle to look after you.   We were also discussing our Chemo Brain I swear it is real…. there are words that I just can’t think of and forget the name of, people’s names I can’t remember and someone asks me something and I just look at them blankly and ask them to repeat – so if I seem a bit dense its chemo brain it’s not my real brain :-)    I met the lovely Sinead who is now on Round 2 – and doing great go girl and loving the new hair style :-)    was kicked off that chair then I think and went and sat down with another three women.  Two women in having chemo and a daughter of one of the ladies we were having a laugh about wigs.  The older lady had a wig that didn’t fit her and I told her to go back and tell them as they cost a fortune (between 500 and 700 euro) she said she did but they told her to wear a cap underneath it, she then took out this really wooly hat that she says she wears under swear to God the three of us were rocking around the place laughing the thoughts of having that wooly hat and the wig on top.   The lady said sure feck it I couldn’t care less off with it all and the lovely baldy came out.

Finally time for my drugs (the nurses I think were glad to finally tie me down in a seat :-) ) no seat available so I got a bed down the end – happy days.   Got all hooked up got my anti sickness injections, then my half portion of steroids, then my three and a half hour bag of Taxol (my new chemo drug) think I crashed out on the bed for around 45 minutes or so which was great.   My friend Darina who I also met through here came in for a chat with me as she had the appointment in Vincents - great to see you Darina and loving all that lovely near hair – woohooo

Before I left realised my buddy Elaine was there (in the new room you can’t really see people without getting up and walking around) could hear her laughter - would know it anywhere so skidaddled down to her with my hooked up bits n pieces.  Funny after we left texted her to say I had left a hat, she kindly went all the way back up to look for it but it wasnt there, she told nurses etc. to ring me if they found it – was a favourite hat of mine otherwise wouldn’t have bothered with it.  Elaine called me after saying sorry and called next day to see if I had got in touch to find it – found it alright in my bedroom was never in my handbag in the first place think I wasnt just hyper was delusional as well.

Back to Featherstone Palace (less a hat I never had) had been a long day didn’t leave until 6.15 there was a lovely dinner on for me.  Roast Ham (my favourite), roast potatoes, turnips and carrots was lovely and nearly licked the plate.  Took it easy that night went to bed early and woke up I don’t know how many times during the night.   Had brekkie in bed in my Mams bedroom and we had a great ole chat :-) we relaxed and chatted for around two hours.

Well that’s it, sixth chemo done, two to go, heading towards the end of chemo thank God I seem to feel more and more tired after everyone.   Friday and Saturday were a write off and spend most of my time on the couch or bed trying to snooze, watching MadMen or just laying on the bed day dreaming – reckon I have another couple of days like this then I will be back up and at it :-)

Also looks like I am in good positioning to win the fabulous makeover at www.dolledup.ie/competition thanks all who voted and if you havent please do that would be great, afraid competitor number two might have 40 up her sleeve then will be in trouble.

Good things that happened to me this week

  • Was in contact with old friend Elaine Daly who is going to look after my brows and lashes for me (will keep you posted)
  • Am three-quarters the way through chemo
  • Met some great people
  • I didn’t lose my hat after all

The blog is a bit all over the place as is my brain at the moment but I don’t edit anything otherwise it wouldn’t be “me” if you get my drift!

Was thinking should really have an “I finished Chemo Party” as well as an “I Kicked the Shite out of Cancer Party” – what do you reckon?

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12 Responses to 6 Down 2 to Go – and you know what it was Fun!!

  1. Love the photo of you and your beautiful girls. The older one looks just like you. You’re almost there, Dee! After the last chemo, you’ll definitely want to celebrate. Just wait until after the side effects and party away.

    • Deirdre says:

      Thanks Eileen – yes Katie does look like me however she is way prettier :-) Yep last chemo 14th March reckon I will have a bash two or three weeks later which I still have two boobs :-)

  2. Mary says:

    As always you make me laugh even when you are so sick.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a hoot you are! Love it you mad woman ;-) xx Sinead

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rooting for you big time – great photo of you and the girls – Sarah

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for nice comment bout the hair!!! Have a celebration to finish chemo!! I know I will!!!! Sinead xxxx

  6. Lorraine says:

    Love your update. Rooting for you, so hang in there. You are such an amazingly positive woman, and a true inspiration to all of us who read your blog. I especially love your “good things that happened today” section! Reminds us to be grateful for the littlest of things! When you decide to have your party, I think I will have an American co-party for you on the same day! What a great reason to have a celebration! Thinking of you, praying for you, and for your continued progress!


  8. Jackie McEwan says:

    I swear to God Dee…..every time I read this blog I almost wee myself laughing….love the photo of you and your girls….you’ve got them as mad as yourself…..and yes I remember hunt the hair bobbin and she’ll be 21 in November…it used to drive me crazy. Love Jackie x