Yippee thats a weight off my mind!! Beware Bald Photos

Well today was D-Day!  I remember on the 29th September after the first shocking news that I had cancer was given to me by the doctor.  Then asking him so innocently so you mean I have to have a mastectomy?  He said yes most definitely – okay……phew lot to take in within ten minutes.  Then it was off to the Nurses office with the lovely Gillian and she went through a lot of things.  Then still sort of “out of it” after the news that “I” “me” “Dee” “Deirdre” had cancer something just dawned on me and I asked her “will I lose my hair” she said “yes unfortunately”

So within the space of half an hour I had cancer and I was going to be bald.  To be honest in that first hour being bald seemed even worse than having cancer and having to have your boob off.   Well I suppose I was in shock.   Think the thought especially for a woman to be bald is just horrific – well it was for me anyhow.

I also swore that there was no way I would ever share photos of me bald, however as I write this blog I know there are a least ten women out there following this blog who have Breast Cancer and have not got to chemo and losing their hair stage yet – so girls these are for you :-) Go with the flow have some fun with it and it really really really wasnt that bad at all :-)   HONESTLY

Choo Choo here we go!

When I started the whole process I was “reassured” again that there is absolutely no chance of saving the hair as the chemo is “full-on”.   Then you start chemo you still have your hair, even after day 10 and then as I wrote about in recent belog it started to fall out… so wont cover old ground.

I think yesterday was the worst day on the “hair falling out trail” it was just so whats the word distressing and actually disgusting.   After shower basically half of my hair was left in the shower.  Then was trying to figure out how the bloody hell am I going to brush it and dry it.  The minute I brushed it just huge clumps came out so I never even bothered to dry it.   The kids took a picture of the back of it for me and all I could see was huge patches of baldness.  Needless to say didn’t feel much like doing anything yesterday apart from arsing around the house doing what?  I have no idea to be honest.

Halfway There

This morning I must say I was really looking forward to getting rid of my hair.  I was ready to embrace this new stage in my journey and I wasnt scared or nervous or anything I just wanted it off.   Thankfully Sis was coming with me and anytime Mia comes with me to anything we manage to have a laugh – even at a head-shaving event with no alcohol :-)

Getting Colder by the Minute

On the way over in the car was of course thinking about it a lot, couldn’t find my feel good CD so went with Rod Stewart’s Greatest Hits (I love Rod Stewart – when did it become acceptable to say you like Rod Stewart you would no way admit that as a teenager).  I sang along to Maggie and later on in the tracks “I Dont Want to Talk About It” came on and welled up a little bit.  To be honest would have been quite happy to drive all the way to Wexford as it was a lovely day and really didn’t want to take Exit 13 off the M50.

Was a bit early so drove up to Mt Merrion Park for a walk – emmmm well I got as far as the bench and had a sit down and enjoyed the beautiful view of a lovely Autumn Day and prepared myself.

This is Me!

Met my Sis (Mia) and we had a hug outside and told each other “right we’re ready” neither of us had any tears, however we seriously had loads of laughs.  I went to Hatim in HSWigCentre in Drommartin - don’t think he realised that he was going to have two laughing hyenas in his salon.   Think he quite enjoyed our humour and was saying that it’s the only way to go to be positive and as much as one can enjoy the occasion.  Which we did! :-)

Shaving began we tried to get the best photos to show the process Mia was laughing taking them I was cracking up in the chair (with my back to the mirror so I couldn’t see what was happening) Hatim was laughing as well.    Hair was everywhere and by Jesus my head felt seriously cold.

Yeah we did it!!!

As it was nearing the end Mia came saying to me “honestly it’s actually okay, really seriously it’s actually ok, it sort of suits your face!”    So it was all done and Hatim showed me in a mirror and you know what it wasnt as bad as I expected – don’t think I’d be walking down to the village bald or anything (for the moment) but seriously it was OK!

The New Me

Hatim then fitted my new wig and was cutting it and shaping it (this part I was allowed to see) and it looked really nice,  way nicer than the state of my hair on the way in.  We left with some nice shampoo and oils for my new head and also a lovely foam head to put my wig on at nighttime!   Hatim was seriously fantastic and has been one of the best experiences I have had throughout this horrible time.  Thanks so much Hatim I really appreciate it!

Off we went (foam head and all) back down to Rathmore,  Mam and Dad were delighted they thought I looked great.  Seemingly they were of course (as parents) very nervous for me.  Mam didn’t want to see any pictures of me bald and that was absolutely fine with me.

Mia and myself skipped off down to O’Dwyers for lunch where we had a great laugh looking at all the photos and having a great old chat.  As we said who would have thought that two months ago that we would be having lunch in O’D's and I would be in a wig!

Headed home to the kids as they were just dying to see me.   Came in and they loved my hair but of course they all wanted to see me bald.  My friend Ger took this video of their reaction which I thought was just classic!

So that was it that was my day.  Hubby thought I looked great (takes cancer to get a nice complement :-) :-) he too was so happy of course that the day went well and that I wasnt upset at all, which I wasnt in the slightest!

Thanks all for all the texts, FB messages and email this morning that really means a lot and makes all this so much more…….. fun :-)


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52 Responses to Yippee thats a weight off my mind!! Beware Bald Photos

  1. Anonymous says:

    You look great and your children’s reaction was brilliant so honest. I hope your keeping well

  2. Well done dee looking great! You can totally carry off the bald look! Like ya said its just another step on your journey! Another step closer to getting well again. Xx

  3. Lucie says:

    glad the day went well must say I agree with Mia think you look great bald or a number one and your goddaughter who saw your new hairstyle earlier thought it was great love to you and yours thinking of you lots and sending lots of love x

  4. lisa farrell says:

    Really enjoyed reading that Dee,I couldnt help smiling thinking of you and your sister having such a laugh.And you really do look great.Not a nobbly odd shaped head in sight :-)

  5. Anonymous says:

    the bald look suits u deirdre…..you can come & see Madness with me now in the O2 later this month…you’ll fit right in with the rest of us baldys…lol, seriously though fair play to ye

  6. Anonymous says:

    last c mageeomment was jeff

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Really enjoyed reading all about your day. As usual you have embraced it so well and I must say you look fab bald or with a head of hair.

  8. Anonymous says:

    One piece of advice, make sure you wear a hat in bed as your head can get quite cold at night. Well done. Inspirational.

  9. Deirdre says:

    Ha ha ..you look like a Dalmatian …love it… kids do say the funniest things…. actually really like the “bald” you… you look very attractive either way, with or without your new hair , I can image how cold it must feel, especially these cold mornings…. a friend of mine wrote a fab makeup book with all proceeds going to the Marie Keating foundation, and it gives lots of tips and advice on makeup etc for those going through cancer and chemo, it have real life stories in too, it called “Look Good Feel Good” if you are interested in it and cant find it let me know and Ill get a copy from her … lots of skincare advice too,
    Still loving the blog, missed last weeks cos I was away so going back now to have a look :)

    • deefed says:

      Hi Deirdre – yeah its gas isnt it thought I looked like a lot of things but dalmation wasnt the top of it :-) Will defo look out for that book – glad you are enjoying the blog – that makes me happy :-)

  10. Anonymous says:

    You look beautiful bald as you do with the wig, so glad the day went well for you :)

  11. EmerP says:

    You are SUCH an inspiration Dee and I hope that anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and is with you on your journey can take comfort from the positive way you are dealing with it in such a humorous and inspirational way, not taking away from the dark times. Keep smiling and keep warm :-) xx

    • deefed says:

      Hi Emer – thanks for that I too hope some people are taking some comfort – as otherwise would never have put the baldies up :-) Still smiling and nice and warm :-)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Have been thinking of you all day..good to hear it went well and you know you really do look good with or without your wig..next thing you have to do is give your new hair a name.paint a face on your foam head. will be looking forward to see your artistic creation lol xx

  13. Anonymous says:

    You see see as I said earlier to you Hair can come and Go but the SMILE stays the same and it has so all is good…Personally I think you look rather sexy and chic….xEileen

  14. gayle says:

    well done dee you see the bigger picture, you’re amazing. x

  15. Rick Munson says:

    GIANT HUGS from across the pond sweetie! God bless ya and keep up the good fight!!!

  16. Jackie mcewan says:

    loved the fact that the kids thought you looked like a Dalmatian……Alan thought you looked sexy….it seems he thinks bald women are a turn on…..not sure how many bald women he actually knows!! But we did have a laugh about the advice given to sleep in a hat, let me know how that goes!! Lots of love jackie xxx

    • deefed says:

      Maybe he is meeting bald women on these retreats he goes to???? Sleep in a hat best advice its fecking freezing with no hair! Hows Iain doing give him the blog and tell him to send me some love

  17. Rose V - Sydney says:

    You look awesome bald! Not everyone can carry it off but you certainly do! It reasly brings out your features – totally beautiful! Loved the girls reaction, they are priceless with their straight-up views! Well done my dear – another box successfully ticked !! Loads of love as always

  18. Helen G says:

    You look Hot bald Dee – might have to pull out the Bald card in future and just whip your wig off when someone pisses you off! Loved the girls’ reaction – I can see how much of a support Katie is and will be down the track – you are blessed to have such treasures. Keep that noggin’ warm and the smile wide. Love you. Hx

  19. Orla says:

    You look amazin bald Dee – very sinead o connor! The wig is lovely too, but something really special about the shorn look – you’re just brill keep it up, orla

    • deefed says:

      Thanks a million Orla – dont think the ole kids are too happy wtih the Sinead look they keep asking you are wearing the wig when you go out!! I dont mind either way but I swear the cold is unreal. Take wiggy off minute I get home but have to wear a hat (because of cold) otherwise wouldnt bother :-) Love to catch up for a coffee some day???

  20. Karin says:

    Hi Dee!
    It feels good to be able to follow your journey even though we´re not close by. I think You´re brave sharing your life with us and I do think you look great both with and without hair.
    Keep up the spirit and stay strong!
    Lots of support and love from Sweden!
    We had a great visit by the way.
    Thank you!

  21. Malin och Gavin says:

    Hi Dee! My Mam always says “anything suits a beauty” and that is certainly true for you! Quite like the bald look! You definitely pull it off! You are truly an amazing woman and you will beat this! Keep on fighting!

    • deefed says:

      Hi Malin – how the hell are you? Great to hear from you hope life is treating you and Gav (and childer!) well – you still in HP? Thanks for nice comments – your baldy friend!!

      • Malin och Gavin says:

        So good to hear from you! But it’s a bit over the top that it takes something like you getting cancer to get us chatting again! Let’s not leave it this long till next time (at least now I can stalk you both on FB and on your blog!) All is well our end, my babies are getting big and it’s really strange, cause I am not getting any older. Still in HP…seems to be no way out of here, but I choose not to leave so can’t complain I suppose. Take care of yourself till we see you again!

  22. Sinead BQ says:

    Brilliant! You are truly inspirational to always see that glass half full….good on ya girl! Love the hair, love the kids for their honesty and love your blog! Next time keep on driving to Wicklow for a cuppa if the music is good in the car! xxx

  23. Jan says:

    Hello Dee!
    Must give a comment to the picture of us Swedes, that you called “nice photo”. Come on! We look like the mental patiants in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest after they had kidnapped that Tour bus! The only difference is that we Swedes were in charge of the Viking Splash in central Dublin. I hope you dont spread that picture in social media,.. :-)
    We are missing Ireland!
    Dont forget to say hello to Mia and Philip, we would like to see them soon!
    Take care!

    • deefed says:

      Hiya Jan ha ha thats a good one the mental patients from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest!!! Glad you had a good time and hope you enjoyed the splash tour as well xx

  24. Michael Russell says:

    Wekk done Dee although the blad look doesnt look half bad on you ;) the video of the kids is briliant! – Michael

  25. Yvonne says:

    You are an inspiration – and look great before, after and beyond. What a gal! xx

  26. Anonymous says:

    wow just finished reading your blog Dee, you look really good bald, Mia is right it does suit your face. What a great sister you have, and the kids faces was brilliant.. Keep yourself well cuz xxxx

  27. You rock the bald! Your kids are beautiful. So glad you’re surrounded by a loving and supportive family.