Feeling Normal Again – Big Yippeeee

Well here I am lazing on a fantastic Saturday morning, looking out the Velux windows of my bedroom to amazing blue skies – if I actually get out of the bed can see the Wicklow mountains in the distance – but way too cold to get out of bed!!!

Been a very long week for me.  I have to admit I was feeling really really rough during the week with pain, nausea and the dreaded vomiting.  Was feeling so sorry for myself (which is okay) thinking seriously do I have six months of this.

Next day managed to get kids sorted and drove them to school came back and flaked out for a few hours.  Boring stuff fast forward fast forward made it through the day in one piece but felt seriously someone had a hold of my heart and was twisting the crap out of it pain was unreal and could hardly breathe.     However always a silver lining while crashed on the couch An Post truck rocked up with a fabulous present from a great friend Sinead Buckley Quinn the pressie and card actually made me cry I was so grateful and I was feeling so crap – it gave me a lift and think it actually lifted me out of the pain!

Friday – woke up and felt great, nada, nothing, zip, zip, zilch no pain, no pressure, no heartburn, no acid just me again.   Jesus was such a great feeling to wake up and not feel sick was thrilled with myself.   Just goes to show how much we take health for granted felt like I had won the lotto was so chuffed with myself :-)    Big day in school for the kids Halloween Party so all in great form as we got all the beautiful cakes I had baked lovingly during the week (NOT) together and all the other fun stuff (including a witch and a punk rocker into the car)  The excitement from the kids was infectious.  Big thanks to Ger for the girls costumes and all the lovely haloween decorations you made for around the house!

Met a few of the Mums down the school they were asking me how I was doing – I was like a nutter saying I feel great, I feel great, today is a great day :-)   Defo losing the plot I reckon they thought.  Most of them know me so they knew I lost it years ago!

More Good News – my brother did a Spinning Class up in Westwood last Monday night for Breast Cancer in my honour and 50 people did the class they raised a few hundred euro for Breast Cancer – thanks Colly!

More Good News - my lovely friends Emer, Lisa, Grainne, Bridget etc. (my Kilmacud friends) they are doing a sponsored run/walk in my honour on 14th November and their team are “running for Dee” – now seriously how cool is that someone doing a sponsored run for you – I mean – can you get much better!!   Absolutely chuffed girls and yes will defo meet you for a pint after and will stay in my folks.  You Rock and made my week.   Getting choked up here thinking about how great people have been to me.

More Good News - have some lovely friends from Sweden coming to visit over the next few days and because I am feeling well am now going to enjoy their stay wont be doing much sight-seeing but will be able to spend time with you guys – thanks for taking the trip over to come over and see me – much appreciated :-)

More Good News – its Saturday I still feel great and hope that maybe out of this session of Chemo that the worst is over – if I am going to be sick one week out of three I can handle that.  You listening up there or out there – I can do a week out of three but please not three out of three!

Hope all you great people who actually read what I write have a fab long weekend.  Thanks again from the bottom of my heart – it really is people like you that are lifting me out of the dark times and putting me back in the sunshine.




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17 Responses to Feeling Normal Again – Big Yippeeee

  1. ger carroll says:

    so you fimally found “the secret”..positive thinking and ask and you shall recieve…..so happy ur week ended on a positive note…keep chanting positive mantras..and have a great weekend.x

    • deefed says:

      That could be it alright! Have been asking and receiving – crap cant believe you just read it edited it a few minutes ago to include thanking you for all the lovely costumes and decorations xxxxx

  2. Well done Dierdre, I think being aware that you WILL have a good window during the treatment course is very important, I know Gillian had it down to a fine T after a couple of months and made sure all her lovely events and kid time was booked during this time, she said it made the crap days a little less so as she could focus on that window. I love the ROCK N ROLL look in your photo xx

    • deefed says:

      Hi Dymphna yeah I think your right if it continues like this I will be fine even one week well out of the three be okay! Be good to see a pattern in it all xx

  3. ger carroll says:

    sure i keep reading ur blogs over and over…still cant believe its all real.x

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great Deirdre. Smiling crying laughing. Brings a lot back. Keep positive plenty of rest. If your not up to chatting to visitors just tell them your tired take an hour to recharge they will understand. Don’t overdo it. Been there bought the tee shirt wore it & washed it!!!!

    • deefed says:

      Ah thanks – yes your right re visitors – they will be out most days and I wont be with them so will have the days to myself. So still plenty of rest and because they are next door can go in and out as I feel. Going out for a meal tonight just four of us no kids so that be a nice treat. Thanks xx

  5. Michelle Waters says:

    Another great post Dee, defo think u missed ur calling..shud hav been a writer, id pay to read ur blogs. Glad ur feeling better, chin up, u CAN & WILL beat this. U need anything at all jus holler xx

  6. Jackie mcewan says:

    The girls look adorable…..Alan is home and sends his love….candles were lit in your honour in Zaragoza….no idea if this is a good thing as I bat for the other side!!!! You are doing bloody marvellous Dee and I think you should stay in bed and look at the blue sky through your velux window. Love Jackie x

  7. Michelle Waters says:

    Like I even know wat SEO means?! Clearly I needed ur skills during my time in d Rego!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    loved reading your blog cuz, you make me laugh, and then bring tears, hopefully there wont be too much sickness in the next few months of chemo, but know you will be well able to deal with whatever is put in your way xx