Yabba Dabba Doo – Left One Cancer Free!!!

Well another nice trip to Vincents today – rocked up to wrong floor and building as per usual.   Time to meet my Oncologist (for those like me that don’t/didn’t know what that is) it’s a Doctor that looks after you during Chemo.

Was looking forward to getting my treatment plan and the last of my pods and pokes – mmm will I missing flashing my boobs???  :-)

First Doctor was a little like the nutty professor – wont mention names for libel reasons!   Sat behind the desk and went through my whole history (in 10 minutes) usually a history like mine would take at least two bottles of wine!   Did the usual check of the boobs then back to more history, then more history which was all in the computer anyhow!!!  He asked me was my family complete?  I said OH YEAH! proceeded to tell me swear it was in Gobbly di Gook language about my cancer – was lost from his first breath, caught unusual, caught right breast, caught chemo, then caught left breast came back benign as he trudged on.  I said oops hold on so you mean there is no cancer in my left one he said no – WOHOOOOOO……….didnt hear much after that.  Anyhow was waiting for the real McCoy my female Doctor.

Anyhow 30 minutes later of academic medical terms enter my new Doctor.   A confident woman in her mid 30′s, strode into the office all official and in to get the job – no fuss, just straight on talking – my sort of woman!!

Anyhow she also confirmed left boob was cancer free, as my cancer in right boob is large – I suppose big boob big cancer :-) and is maybe two tumours they will start me on aggressive chemo – 8 bouts, 3 weeks each – so nearly 6 months :-(   They have to treat me a little different due to Mr diverticulitis the man who had my tummy in hospital for a week.  It was confirmed again would lose my hair, they can’t say how sick I will be, different strokes for different folks.  She wants to start me ASAP so am urgent so have been put to top of the waiting list.   So fingers crossed in the next week or two – so I can start nuking these bastards.

Asked her how long she thought that I had my cancer she reckoned it had been growing for the last year – holy shit and I didn’t know that at all – only noticed a lump in last two months – just goes to show Mammograms really really really should be a right of every female not just those over 50′s.

Doctor also said that I maybe pushed into early menopause because of the chemo I will be getting – Jesus that’s great – how can I have the menopause when I am only 17 :-)     So looking forward to the hot sweats earlier than planned – suppose least this way will get it over sooner rather than later.   My God if I get the menopause does that mean I am a grown up?????

So from now on Doc says, stay trim – like the sound of someone calling me trim!  keep up my regular exercise regime – ahem well that should be easy enough, keep alcohol down to four bottles a week and eat well!!

What I liked about her most she was so direct – ask a question she answered in a sentence you knew exactly where you were with her.  Felt in very safe hands.

All in all a pretty good day, no cancer in left one and kick ass doctor.


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8 Responses to Yabba Dabba Doo – Left One Cancer Free!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    think u shld now think about writting a book ….some great news and some not soo great news – but at least U get to go to the top of the QQQQQQQQQQ ….Xx

  2. deefed says:

    Yippee like being on top of the Q!!!! Thanks

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic. Will you be having your treatment in Vincent’s?

  4. deefed says:

    Yes Vincents it is which I am delighted about was given Tallaght as an option – but way prefer Vincents and close to the folks for a bit of TLC after!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Any Doctor who advises to keep consumption down to four bottles a week is my kind of Doctor!! Great news about Miss Left x

  6. Gayle says:

    Hey lefty your the funniest bravest 17 (!!!) year I know. My sis in law went through a very similar situation to you, she now has never looked better, she’s an inspiration just like you! And in recovery 3 yrs now! So bring it on! (ps my dad is in the care of Vincent’s for cancer and they are so fantastic too just in case you have to go too) keep those chins up! Ur story keeping many of us going! X

  7. Gayle says:

    Sorry dee meant to say my dads with Tallaght hospital!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Someone said I should be called Christie – My Left Tit :-) Great to hear all those lovely brave women that have got through this – treatments this days are so fabulous! Hope your Dad is doing well hear Tallaght is great – I chose Vincents as close to the folks. So cool you like my blog!! thanks!!!!