Telling my Folks….

Ann and Pat celebrating 50 years of love!

When all this erupted my parents were away on Holidays for two weeks.  Obviously I was’nt going to contact them while they were having fun.

Was totally dreading having to tell them – they flew on Thursday at around 4pm and I rocked up around a half an hour.  I was nearly hyper ventilating in the car on the way up to them.

My folks are just wonderful people, both as parents and as a couple they have been married over 52 years and I can count maybe three times that they had a big argument or there was shouting in my house (once was when my Mam nearly electrocuted herself!).  My folks have been through some tough issues in our family recently and were just coming out of it when Ding Dong – here I come.

I was actually really composed when telling them and told them the bad news first and then told them the good news – we chatted for our two hours.  Obviously they were upset but because they saw me being so calm they too were calm.   My Mam cried a little and asked me if it was okay to cry – of course!

It was a huge huge relief to me to be able to tell them – now I could also announce it to the world and get it out there and done with.

My Mam felt so sorry for me she tried to give me the lovely bunch of flowers one of my brothers bought her for her birthday – that’s just so typical of her – she just wants everybody to be happy!


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3 Responses to Telling my Folks….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dee , have to admire your approach – am really enjoying your blogs – keep strong ….Joelle (Neale) …Xx

    • deefed says:

      Thanks a million Joelle – I am just really happy that people are enjoying what I am writing – and its great for me as well very therapeutic :-)

  2. deefed says:

    Yeah it was sad I must say been they are doing good!