Hair Today Gone Tomorrow – Donald Trump Watch out!

Right time to get my arse in gear and get organising some fan dabby doozie new hairstyle for myself.  Unfortunately was told that I will definitely lose my hair which I find extremely distressing.

Was getting loads of tips from friend about places to go etc.etc. in the end decided to go with Karen Woods recommendation and decided to with which is part of DeJaVu Hairdressers in Drommartin which I have been to many a time before.

Met the lovely Hatim and he was just fab and went through the whole process with me.  I was really concerned about the price of wigs which is scandalous however my lovely brothers and sister did a little collection for me so that’s one financial thing off my list (the rest of them can go shag off as couldn’t give a crap about bills at the moment).

We had a great chat and he told me how the whole process works.  I will start chemo in probably two weeks or so and around a week later hair will start falling out.   I always had this dreadful image of me sitting in front of a mirror while someone shaves my head and I have tears rolling down my face.   Think I have been watching too much Sex n the City and don’t have the hunky guy like Samantha did to do it for me!

I came out feeling great knowing my locks (or lack of them) will be in good hands chose a really funky wig that I tried to wear home but he wouldn’t let me :-)

Will do the headscarf thing at home but defo wouldn’t be brave enough to wear a headscarf out – some people do that’s fine – not for me – don’t want everyone looking at me with pity and feeling sorry for me – don’t want to be a victim – have no problem at all with people knowing I have cancer but not looking at me and feeling sorry for me (that’s just my feelings about it).

Went off to meet a lovely friend for work and Coffee – Dec Goulding in the new starbucks in Stillorgan SC – had a great chat – really lovely guy both Dec and his lovely wife Jane.

Then off to Vincents for MRI and then the dread of telling my folks who were flying home that afternoon :-(

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