Operation Time in my Blue Guna

Yeeha operation time – maybe this is a trial run??  Had to have one of my lymph nodes removed so they could check to see if the bastard cancer was in there too!  When they did first biopsy it seemed ok so hopefully this is precautionary!

Checked into St Marks Day Ward 7.30 fecking starving as had to fast since 12 night before (loving my food these days and getting used to having brekkie).

It was all systems go into the bed – pop on the lovely blue guna - got I think a few pokes and prods by Doctors …now now not that way :-)    Started to get a little worried as they kept saying which breast – I said right one!   So a doctor came over and drew an arrow on my right shoulder mmmmmm – to be sure to be sure????  The lovely Maeve one of the Breast Cancer nurses came over to say hello she is lovely – both herself and Gillian nicest nurses I have met in my life!!

Anyways was put in a wheelchair and wheeled over by very nice attendant – he said “do you not have slippers?” I said emmmm no ”do you have a dressing gown?” I said emmmm no (did bring a pair of PJ’s thats about it) so they gave me a blanket as the nurse said for “decency sake” – ha ha – after going through labour three times and flashed my tits to at least 20 people in the last week – decency?  Couldnt care less my dignity had been left at the door years ago :-)

Off down to Radiology for another injection of some Radio Active Dye so they could clearly find out which lymph node was nearest my breast – thankfully they knew which breast as the friendly Doctor had drawn an arrow on me earlier :-)    Ewwww was a little nasty got four needles in my nipples that the dye ran through – but doc and nurse (male nurse quite cute!) were very kind.   Then had to rest up for 40 minutes – I was happy as pig in shit – 40 minutes to myself and was just enjoying lazing on the bed and of course nodding off as usual!  I would say five different people came in and checked on me – the staff there are amazing one nurse asked if I wanted a magazine and I said no I was grand – but she got it for me anyhow!

Smile Please – picture time again another Back to the Future Machine like thing was in and out of the machine around 3 times fifteen minutes each – but the radio-active stuff showed up the gland they wanted and all was good.  Back in my wheelchair looking very decent with my cover and no socks and back to day ward to await the operation.

While waiting in ward to be brought to theatre in fabby gown.  Man opposite me started chatting to me he was in for some pain in his back which he told me about in detail (as men do with illnesses).  He said to me “what are you in for?” I said breast cancer he said “ah that’s the great thing about hospitals you always meet people much worse off than yourself”.  Classic I thought.

Obviously fell asleep again waiting to be brought down to theatre - anyhow my turn yeeeha this time got brought on the bed :-)   wheeled outside theatre and think was given another injection of something or other was hanging around there for around 30 minutes a lovely nurse who looked like she hadn’t so much to do sat with me for around fifteen minutes just having a chat – lovely lady.

Off into Theatre I go – another injection and they said you will fall asleep soon – I was thinking yeah right – woke up in another place around an hour or so later after op complete – wheeled back up to day ward.  My friend with the back pain had thankfully left :-)

Yeeha - Tea and Toast – yum yum yum fell asleep again of course then woke up got dressed and headed home when hubby collected me.   Didnt feel any pain or after effects had a few stitches but was just knackered.

One more round finished :-)

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6 Responses to Operation Time in my Blue Guna

  1. Gillian wiseman says:

    Big hugs of support d xxxx

  2. you are an amazing woman, Thank you for sharing your story :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ah thanks a million Patricia – I am just glad people are reading it :-) who would have thought!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your so brave, lots of love and gentle hugs xxx