Telling the Kids

Have three fabulous girls – Katie who is 12 and just started secondary, Maggie who is 9 and my special girl and Rebecca who is 5 and a big girl now in Senior Infants.

Was actually dreading telling the kids so got some tips from other people who have gone through this.  I think they knew by me that there was something up but they couldn’t put their finger on it.

So grabbed them (literally) Saturday morning sat them all down and told them that Mammy was sick and she was going to be unwell for at least a year.   I told them that I had Breast Cancer – when they heard the C word you could see the shock on their face.  I quickly reassured them that this is an easy(ish) kind of cancer and that I will be fine in a year.    They wanted to know if I was going to die – and I said no absolutely not.  That was the main thing that they wanted reassurance on – just making sure that their Mammy was’nt going above!

They asked a few questions which I answered as honestly as possible, told them that I would be losing my hair but don’t worry wouldnt walk around with no hair!  Told them that I would have to have one of my boobs removed as well – but that I would get a totally new one that will look really cool.

Must say they have been fantastic since – being asked every 5 minutes if I was okay – that’s worn off a bit now :-)   In their own little way they have been helping out.  This is my problem not theirs so want to make sure that they don’t have too much responsibility of helping out but as my kids are so cool they are doing it without being asked and I let them know how much I appreciate it when they do!

Maggie asked me if she could tell her teacher – I said of course you can – any particular reason – well she said “Sofies great great granny died last week and she got no homework” :-) out of the mouth of babes it was a classic!   unfortunately when she did tell she didn’t get off homework for the day!

Beca is so young so she wasnt part of main conversation she is only 5 – grabbed her the other day and said – Mammy is going to be a little sick and something weird is going to happen – I said I am going to lose my hair – she said “seriously!!” – didn’t really phase her I said she could help me to get a really cool “going out” wig – she said yeah you could get a blonde one and if you pulled your bottom tooth out like mine – we would look the same :-)

Felt so relieved telling them and we had sleepovers in Mammys bed one at a time so the two of us could have a cute chat and cuddle!



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5 Responses to Telling the Kids

  1. Anonymous says:

    kids are fantastic, aren’t they? I couldn’t help but smile at the comment about you pulling a tooth and getting a blonde wig :) I bet you would look lovely in any colour of hair.

  2. Ira Rix says:

    sorry, Dee I forgot to let you know who I am… Hugs/Ira

  3. Anonymous says:

    lovely way to handle it,well done and amazing kids x