Boney M – By The Rivers of the Dodder

Right time to check out my bones!!!   Had to go in and get injected with Radio Active something or other and hang out for two hours to do the bone scan.  My brother Colly came down to keep me company.

I was overwhelmed by the big brown envelope he had with loads of printed out documents about Cancer, Medical Cards, how to do this, how to do that how to eat etc.etc.   Times like this is so great to have caring family.   We had a coffee and a chat was first time I had seen him since the news!

Anyhow went up and did the bone scan – bit Back to the Future sort of machine – was grand took 35 minutes and think I fell asleep for 20 of them.  I am good at falling asleep put me in a corner for 5 minutes and could have a great nap!!

My brother waited for me and we went to chat to the Breast Clinic Nurse – the nurses are just fabulous in Vincents - she sat down with the both of us and for forty five minutes she went through loads of questions we had.

I discussed my prognosis with her and like a child I said so you are telling me I am going to get through this and she assured me twice that I should have no problem whatever with “kicking the shite out of cancer”

I came out feeling very positive and happy with the Day – next stop Lymp Node Operation!

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