Tummy Ache to Dodgy Tit

WTF??   I started with a pain in my tummy!  Well if being honest not really but am so glad Mr Diverticulitis decided to give me huge pain as it caught my cancer earlier.  Had noticed a small (tiny) lump on my nipple – thought I was going be ubber cool and have two nipples on one breast and people were going to call me Chandler.  Anyhow asked the doc to check it out but he was more interested in my tummy problems and told me to go straight to hospital (do not pass Go and collect €200)

After a couple of days in hospital and docs didn’t really know what was wrong with me I asked one of the nurses to have a look at my boob.  Asked her if I could ask the doctor she said of course.  Next day my Doctor and me being so lucky got an arse of a doctor - enter Dr Butt :-) checked out my breast and kindly informed his interns around the bed that I had a deformed boob!!  That was Friday he wrote out papers for me to go to Vincents on Monday.  After he and his merry band left I was lost for words (unusual for me) and really upset not because he told me I had a deformed boob was because I had a feeling there was something wrong.  Remember after Robin Hood and his merry men left looking over at Anne Marie the girl opposite me in and saying “Jesus I came in with a Tummy Ache now I have a dodgy tit as well !!”   We had a laugh – actually a great laugh with other people in the ward over that one!

Was so extremely lucky that I asked the Doctors in there – knowing my lifestyle could have been another two weeks before I went to Doc to get it checked out then another two weeks getting an appointment.   Someone will be to flash my Boob in Naas Hospital that day – so THANK YOU!

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