Dip Details 2014

Can you believe its the night before the big Dip? Oh what fun we are going to have ladies.

1″ish”PM START

The beach we are doing it at is called Magheramore Beach in between Wicklow Town and Brittas Bay Beach.

This is the same beach as we did it on last year :-)

It is a private beach and will be manned by two security guys and one security person at the top of the beach to block off intruders from any other beaches. Wayne will be the only man in the vicinity and has to be there to make sure other people don’t. The beach is approximately 8km from Wicklow Town heading towards Brittas Bay.

I think you will agree its a fabulous beach and is privately owned and can only be accessed by a small dirt track. The owner of the property has also kindly donated the services of three security people to make sure its just us.

Start Time

We are to meet at 1pm (between 1pm and 1.30) so we can have a bit of a giggle. When driving to destination (see map below) you will see a sign saying Nuns when you see this you got the right beach. You will see a barrier and two guys at the barrier then you are at the right place. If stuck for directions please call Mia on 087 9736243

Whats happening on the day

Meet at 1/130pm in the car-park. Come down in whatever clothes you want and we can get changed into whatever in the Car Park, people are wearing dressing gowns, dresses, big t-shirts, vajazzles whatever you feel comfortable in of course. A good few women are wearing fun hats and gimmicky thing so feel free to do (or not to do) whatever you want.
Gonna be cold ladies so make sure you bring a really warm dressing gown.

After a while and a few nips of whatever tickles your fancy. We will take a group photo for the blog www.kickingtheshiteoutofcancer.com  and www.aoibheannspinktie.ie we will hold the signs up in front of our white bits  so the rest can be just in the background – don’t worry NOTHING will be showing. Initials will be handed out by Jules, Mia and Helena.

After the photos we down the signs.    There will be a countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
and we leg it in!    Go in as far as you want!!

Suggest maybe bring a bottle of bubbly (cheap or expensive) and a couple of plastic glasses to toast ourselves afterwards. Please Please make sure you bring plastic bags for your rubbish, this is a private beach and they have had issues before with illegal dumping. Recently people left it in a mess and they have cleaned all the litter away at a huge cost to the property owner. They have been so kind to let us use this property we have to make sure not a scrap is left behind – thanks Ladies.

After the Dip we are ALL going up to the Leitrim Lounge in Wicklow town.  Here we hope to get as many people as possible including those that are not staying down we are hoping you will join us.   Wayne our security man has kindly sorted food for us (and he has paid so kind) so there will be some hot platters going around and sambos.  Sinead Hamill will be doing her Ditty about the Strip and Dip.

50 of us staying over in  Wicklow Town and you all know where you are staying at that stage. We are having dinner at 8pm in the Bridge Tavern €19 for two course meal, if anyone wants to join us please let me know. Eileen is bringing a bucket with her so we will take this on our travels and try to raise some extra money.

Room List – Bridge Tavern

Ladies take note of your room numbers please :-)


Mary   Cunningham Debbie Afric   Bolger


Dee Featherstone Mia Featherstone


Breda   Hurley Breda   Hurley Breda   Hurley


Breda   Hurley Franics Martina


Breda   Hurley Jacqeline Jenny   O’Driscoll


Breda   Hurley Marion   Piper Daughter


Eileen   Wall Helen   O’Shea Lisa   Monaghan


Alison Timmins Karen   Cryan


Karen   Meagen Dympna   O’Carroll Rionach   DeHoir


Julieanne   O’Donavan Sorcha   Murphy Helena   Walby Eilish   Carney


If you have cash donations please put it in an envelope with your name on it and give it to me After the Dip in the pub please. If your still collecting cash after tomorrow please lodge into your account and either donate it to your own idonate account or if you don’t have one lodge it to www.idonate.ie/kickingtheshiteoutofcancer

A Big Thanks to You

A huge thanks to all of you doing this. I know around half of you personally and for some of you I know it takes a lot of courage to do this.   We are going to have a FABULOUS DAY

To the people I don’t know personally and I have met through the blogs, we have chatted in the middle of the night when we couldn’t sleep, spoke in chemo rooms and helped each other out when things seemed really dark. Women are amazing people with huge hearts and we are all there to help each other. A lot of you are travelling from Cork, Kildare, Laois, Dublin and more to do this.

Lastly this funding will make a huge difference to the children at Aoibheanns Pink Tie and their family and you have all gone above and beyond the call of duty with fund-raising.

As at 19.45 (Online Only) we have raised €17,000.00 – AMAZING

Map of the Beach

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Love this Song – Substitute I – for WE and this is WOMEN


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  1. Marguerite says:

    Im actually soooo excited, can’t wait!!!!

  2. Claire says:

    Can’t wait see you all there x