Dip 2013

While writing my blog I was always thinking that I would like to do a charity event as part of my trip (or should I say “our” road trip).  While we all know its breast cancer I have and I suppose the natural thing to do would be an event for that, however the names Lily Mae (from Galway) and Princess Leah (from Kildare) kept coming into my head.  They are two beautiful little girls with very rare forms of cancer and they are battling every day to keep themselves well.  Its heartbreaking to hear all the tough treatments the two girls have had to go through.   So I have decided that I would like to do the Charity for both of these little girls and the Event will be a Dip in the Nip  on the 22nd June in Wicklow (exact venue will be disclosed secretly closer to the day).

I am of course hoping that some of you fine ladies will join us in this event which apart from a great  cause,  it’s going to be a really brilliant and fun day out.  People are saying oh well I am too big, too wobbly, too skinny – hey Ladies we are all beautiful underneath and what we are doing is in no way as brave as what the two little girls above are doing.  Also I will be doing it bald with one boob sure if I can do that I am sure you can do it too (no blackmail of course) ;-)   So far we have over 55 fine lassies and it was only announced two days ago – exciting or wha!!!!

If you can’t make it and would like to donate a few quid (all donations small and big greatly appreciated) please donate here https://www.idonate.ie/kickingtheshiteoutofcancer



The location will be a beach in Wicklow however we have to keep it secret until much closer to the time as its a Ladies Only Event so we have to keep our beautiful bodies away from spying eyes – already had a few trying to enrol :-)    Men can join us later of course and buy us drinks!

Making a Night of It

For those that would like to make a night of it have booked rooms in The Grand Hotel in Wickow at a cost of €45 B&B so if you would like to enjoy the craic that evening and maybe get away from the kids, partner or hubby for a night sure why not stay down – just email me


Elaine from Elaine Laverty Photography has kindly said that she would come on the day and take some phtotos.   Dont worry not totally in the nip – this is what I would love to do if you’re not comfortable let me know.

  • Take a Group shot (from behind of us all running in) so no-one knows who is who
  • Take a Group frontal shot (however each person will be holding a big A3 sign that will cover all your “bits” and each will have a letter out of Kicking the Shite out of Cancer.com for me I would love this personally
  • Elaine after the dip when people are back in their dressing gowns Elaine will go around and take photos of small groups and individuals to mark the day and the fun we had

Is it OK to take a frontal shot but with a Big A3 Sign with a Letter on it?

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Is it OK to take a group photo from behind when we go into the water?

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Attire for the Day

Maybe go down to the beach in dressing gowns, feel free to paint your bodys, wear mad hats etc.etc. to make it a laugh.  Then when we are all ready facing forward we de-robe leg it into the water and leg it back out again and robe up !   Maybe bring some hot toddies with you :-)

After the Event

Could be good to go for a quick drink after the event as no doubt we will be on a high.  Also as mentioned above some of us will be staying overnight and all welcome.  Going on your own and don’t know anyone?  Don’t worry a lot of people in the same boat and sure strangers are friends you havent met yet!  Just email me if you would like to stay.


We are doing this Strip in Dip for Lily Mae who is party of the Sunni Mae Trust and for Leah who is part of the Princess Leah Fund.

Off Line Sponsorship

On the following link you can download your Sponsorship card.  At the end of the Event we will issue you with bank account details of both of the charities where you can lodge the money to 50/50 Sponsorship Cards for Strip in Dip Just print off and Start Collecting

On Line sponsorship

Online sponsorship is very handy as you can use it on Facebook, Twitter and text your friends with your link and they can go directly in and sponsor you.  See an example of my page here http://www.idonate.ie/kickingtheshiteoutofcancer    To set up your own fundraising page please go to this link http://www.idonate.ie/event/461_kicking-the-shite-out-of-cancer-dip-in-the-nip.html and follow the instructions please use 50% to The Princess Leah Fund and 50% to the Sunni Mae Trust (both are in the system).  You can then fill in your details and you will have your own Link to send to people to get them to donate online.

Lets get loads of money raised for these two lovely girls.

I personally can’t wait for the event and like everyone else not exactly comfortable getting stripped down naked on a beach – however we are all women and beautiful inside and out so lets take the scariness out of nakedness.  Hold Hands or be Shoulder to Shoulder and do what us women to best – HAVE FUN!!!

Accommodation List so Far

Dee/Mia Featherstone
Sinead/Aileen Murphy
Sinead (Another room?)
Karen Meagen/Dymphna O’Carroll
Marie/Linda Shadlow
Julieanne/Eilish Carney
Anne Cunningham/Reenagh Maher
Breda Hurley/Sister Hurley :-)
Elaine Laverty/Mary Ryan

Please get in contact with me if I forgot you and apologies if I did!



3 Responses to Dip 2013

  1. frances odriscoll says:

    i love do this as it good cause.

  2. Bernadette Murray says:

    hope to see you on the day,, even with one an half boobies xx