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On A Charity Photo-Shoot Hair and All

Okay who am I?  If you find the answer to that please let me know!

Also I will use “I” throughout the blog as people say I have to be real selfish so this is all about me, me, me :-)

Well my name is Deirdre Featherstone and hail from Dublin, Ireland and now living in Clane, Kildare with  three absolutely amazing girls, Katie 12, Maggie 9 and Rebecca 5.

I also have an amazing family my Mam (Anne) and Dad (Paddy) now married 54 years are the salt of the earth and just wonderful parents.  They gave us an extremely happy childhood and we grew up happy and with good values in life (Morals maybe a bit dodgy) :-)   I have three great brothers Sean, Colly and Niall and my best friend in the world and soul-mate my sister Mia.

Left the nuns from St Raphaels in Kilmacud in 1982 along with the hordes of other girls went straight to Ballsbridge College to learn how to type and do shorthand – never a thought of going to Uni was in either our heads, our schools or are parents.   Career Guidance was would you like to be a typist or a secretary!

Had great old craic as a teenager with brilliant groups of friends, the Mount Merrion crowd, the O’Dwyers crowd, the Blackrock crowd, Brittas Bay camping weekends, The Sportsmans, Blinkers, Bective,Wesley, Youth Clubs – sure the craic was 90 and would be back there in a minute if I could.  We had such a laugh in those days we didn’t have much money but that didn’t bother us we always had enough for a few pints in the pub and always made it to the disco after it helped when the bouncers fancied one of your cousins and you got in free and a friendly barman inside.  I feel sorry for kids these days they don’t go to pubs they go to people’s houses, drink as many shots as they can then go clubbing and are usually seriously wasted.  We may have been well jarred by the end of the night but we would have had great fun time doing it,  listening to bands and chatting etc and maybe the odd snog in a Golf, Mini or Fiat :-)

Moved to Sydney in 1988 for one year and lost my passport so couldn’t come home till 1995 :-)  - absolutely loved Sydney and had some great pals down there both Irish and Aussie and they are still my pals.   Had a brilliant job in HR with Arther Andersen we worked hard and played hard! Would love to go visit them all after this is over wouldnt that be fun!!!   Was a mad seven years of sun, sand, sea, beer, more beer, and whatever else that I can’t say here!

Came home to the start of the Celtic Tiger, Dublin was like a whole different place, people were buzzing, new pubs and clubs opened everywhere it was great.  Jobs a plenty got a great job in Intel for six months then Hewlett Packard for two years doing HR recruiting – great fun times.   Met my husband Jonas on a ski-ing trip in Italy he is Swedish (had to outsource!) :-)

Moved to Sweden in 1995 and lived in a little village called Sovestad think I increased the population by 10% in the 6 years I was there.  Katie and Maggie were born there and I got a great job as a Project Manager with Ericsson.  But oh how I missed home we were very isolated and my sense of humour was sort of lost in translation.  I have lovely in-laws there especially my FAB sister-in-law Lotta and her partner Jan Erik, and two great girls Johanna and Anna.   I left there to move back to Dublin in 2005 I think.   I can speak fluent Swedish which is really handy to have :-)

My God this is an essay will fast forward – rented in Kilmacud for two years, then moved to Clane set up a few business and was as busy as a bee and really enjoying life in Ireland.  When you are away you appreciate what makes it good being Irish – firstly everyone could pronounce my name that was a bonus, and the sense of humour from the bus-driver to the ould man you might meet in the shops, just super friendly and warm people we are.

In my business life –  I now run a Web Design and Development Company (we also focus on Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation) I have a great business partner Amanda Crawford so between the two of us we are a great team.   Amanda has been holding the fort for me since I have been sick.    We are still Open as Usual for business – www.webscene.ie or contact me on Dee@webscene.ie  We guarantee amazing work for very affordable prices and can honestly say we are FAB!

I also do contract work for two hotels and run an online jewelry shop Celtic Jewelry.  Had just set up another company due to launch now but have shelved it for the moment.  Never a dull moment….  Friend of mine Sinead reckons a good business idea would be setting up strip o grams for breast cancer victims during chemo – leave it with me Sinead :-)


Now where was I….oh yeah then I got breast cancer and my world has sort of been turned up side down – never been sick in my life – never once had morning sickness over three pregnancies.  However this is what it is – nowt you can do about it.  Grin and Bear it? Weep about it? Kick Ass?   Think I will go for the kick ass – its whats kept me going in life so far.

If you have read this far you deserve a medal – when I start typing I get carried away!

Contact me on dee@kickingtheshiteoutofcancer.com


14 Responses to About Me

  1. Jackie watson says:

    Hi Deirdre, Jackie Watson here, anne maries neighbor!! Good luck with your treatment and well done on blog it’s great:-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dee, you have definitely missed your calling – you are a brilliant writer ! Thank you for sharing your journey – we’re by your side all the way through this and will hold you to the trip down under once the sticky bits are all behind you ! You’re in my heart and thoughts constantly. Rose V xxx

  3. Cameron Von St. James says:


    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?



  4. Myra Ryan says:

    Thank you taking the time and effort to write this blog. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last week and had the dreaded MRI yesterday. Still lots of questions unanswered for me as to how extensive it might be or if it has spread etc.
    I look forward to enjoying your blog along the way.

    • deefed says:

      Hi Myra so sorry to hear you have been diagnosed. It’s a mad time isn’t it especially where you are all the waiting around is such a pain. I have found some great new people who have gone through this they have been a brilliant support. Please feel free to friend me on FB if you would like a chat with someone in similar position it reLly helps I have found. Or email me on info@dee-design.com Hope to hear from you. Which hospital are you in? Hugs xxx

  5. Nida Collins says:

    HI Deirdre, Youre a scream!!! Fair play to ya!!! Fab blogg. ! I had breast cancer 9 years ago . Its a real opportunity to take great care of yourself and an excuse to do flippen mad things!!! I brought ny hubby and two girls and amazing trips ! It was boom time!! Well done you! Nida

    • Deirdre says:

      Hi Nida glad you like the blog :-) Your so right its an opportunity to loook after myself for a change and enjoy all the love I’m getting its like its my birthday every day :-) Great to hear that you beat the bastard and obviously enjoying life to the full – see your from Edenderry not to far from me – thanks a million for getting in touch xxxxx

  6. Anonymous says:

    Deirdre well done on all this and a healthy and prosperous new year to you. Lolocork

  7. patricia magee says:

    Hi deirdre really sorry to hear that your going through such a difficult time only heard tonight about your illness.Really enjoyed our 30 year reunion in Parkes hotel and sure we may have a 40th.Your blog is my first one to read and well done .Will be hoping and praying that things go well for you and will try and keep up with your blogg. All the best Patricia Magee

  8. talatmahmud says:

    Really this is a practical life history which we are writing daily. I have read some stories like this one and probably everyone was attacked by
    breast cancer. As you are signed with breast cancer, please don’t worry, you have three nice daughters, try to spend the best moments with them, this will carry a beautiful event on your whole life.