Insurance – Strip and Dip 2018

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55 Responses to Insurance – Strip and Dip 2018

  1. Aran says:

    Didn’t see or ask for verification code

  2. Marie Scheidl says:

    No verification code x

  3. Naomi Mc clean says:

    Didn’t ask or have s verification code??

  4. Denise Fitzsimons says:

    Didn’t ask for verification code

  5. Jackie Hickey says:

    No verification code presume all is ok x

  6. Anne says:

    Cannot submit it will not accept verification code

  7. Sinéad Magee says:

    I’ve signed insurance form. Maybe a daft question butt does my daughter need to sign independently?

  8. Gwen says:

    wont accept verification code for my friend. When I logged in it didn’t ask for one for me but can’t sign her waiver.

  9. Helen Brack says:

    Date puts month first then date second. ?

  10. SONYA walsh says:


  11. Jen says:

    No verification code

  12. Linda Carroll says:

  13. Janice Moorhouse says:

    ? What’s this about verification Code?

  14. Jennifer McCann says:

    It keeps saying I’ve entered the wrong verification code.

  15. Margaret Hedley says:


  16. Alison Johnston says:

    Yes same for me. Wrong verification code.

  17. Karina says:


  18. Fiona Dalton says:

    No verification no requested.

  19. Jennifer Rhatigan says:

    All done

  20. Brenda keogh says:

    All done

  21. Joanne Farrell says:

    Hi! Sorry now but it’s not letting me enter the valid verification code so I’m not sure if I have logged for insurance at all or if I have done it 2/3 times

  22. Anita Byrne says:

    Done. Hope ok, was not asked for verification code.

  23. Rose says:

    Not liking my verification code

  24. Caroline Courtney says:

    I did this a few days ago – I have completed it again

  25. Caroline Courtney says:

    Keeps saying that I’m entering the wrong code

  26. Hi I have filled in insurance for for myself, Elaine Murphy, Helena Doyle and Tamara Penston on individual sheets from my link here as I registered the three of us together. I hope they have all come through. Mine did not ask for a verification code but other two did. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday. Elaine

  27. Fionnuala stevSteve says:

    Got message saying message sent. No mention of verification code??

  28. Sinéad Roche says:

    Done (possibly twice) – no verification code mentioned either time.

  29. Caitriona Faherty says:

    Keeps saying I’m entering code incorrectly

  30. Mary Margaret says:

    I think I did this a few days ago in case you’ve two from me? I did it again. Some boobs on that singer with the beard

  31. Johanna Billings says:
  32. Sian Egerton says:

    There is no form coming up on this link for me?!

  33. Lydia Hayes says:

    Filled out but no verification code

  34. Lorraine McGuinness says:

    My date of birth is 05-05-1972

  35. Oonagh Martina Treble says:

    Hope this one worked

  36. Camilla Wynne says:


  37. Teena Gates says:

    Wouldn’t accept verification code

  38. Naomi Ferguson says:

    Not accepting verification number 2nd time trying, have been given 2 different codes

  39. Flo Gaffney says:


  40. Lucy Cronly says:

    It will not accept verification code, have tried lots. Can anyone advise please??

  41. Aiming Ferguson says:

    I have tried over 10 minutes won’t accept any of the verification codes

  42. Annette Keane says:

    Done, but I think have already filled in this form a week or so ago. Like others, didn’t ask for a verification code, so hope it has been recorded

    • Annette Keane says:

      re-entered with verification code…..there’s possibly three of me registered now……some woman!

  43. Jean Humphreys says:

    It’s not accepting verification code

  44. Sandra Skelly says:

    It won’t accept the verification code

  45. Ciara Fitzpattick says:

    Hi, have probably sent it several times, didn’t ask for verification code first time so tried again. Asked second time but wouldn’t accept code. Presume everything is ok.


  46. Siobhan Hearty says:


  47. Hazel Tynan says:


  48. Naomi Ferguson says:

    Tried a few times this morning and now again, still not accepting the verification code, maybe I can sign a form in the morning? Getting excited now,!!!!!

  49. Caroline O Neill Jones says:


  50. Deirdre says:

    Will not accept verification code?

  51. Brid o Donoghue says:

    Won’t accept verification code ??

  52. Judith walsh says:

    Judith Walsh 9/6/2018