Schedule of the Day


Dippers Day & Night June 9th

Brief outline of the morning, day and night for

Strip & Dip – 9th June

8.30-10.30 –  Breakfast for those wanting some will be in The Ballroom from 8am and is available for €10 (for non-guests) and hotel will donate 20% of this to the charity.

9.15 – Practice for Song “This is Me” in The Grand Hotel,  Song below with lyrics.  Please learn the lyrics ladies we will not have words in our hands :-)

Very excited to say that Today FM will be having a live broadcast at the Hotel from 8am – 11am the morning show with Alison Curtis   So there will be plenty of excitement with them being there and after rehearsing our song a couple of times in another room we will sing it in the main ballroom and it will go out live on air.

9.45 – We will do the song (and it will go out on TodayFM live0 is amazing and hopefully it will fly all over social media afterwards while we are on the way to the dip.

10.30-11.00 You can leave your car in the Car Park of The Grand Hotel and take a bus up with us.   Return trip in a bus will be €5 – bus will pick us up after the dip and drop us back to the Hotel .  If you want to drive up that is no problem.   Go do the beach in your normal clothes and bring a back back with you of t-shirt of dressing gown and a towel.

10.30-12.15 – People will all meet up in the Car Park of the Meaghermore beach, where most people may have a tipple or two, some body art and basically some shenanigans and laughter.   We encourage people to get the bus but there is parking available at the beach so feel free to bring your car.  Wayne is our Chief of Security on the day he will be the only man in the car park among us as he needs to be there.  Wayne stays up in the Car Park when we go to dip.  Wayne has been doing this for years and we would be lost without him.   We will also have use of a field beside this carpark the policemen on the gates will tell you where to park.

There will be people collecting donations – please make sure if you have donations that they are a bank draft or a cheque made payment to Aoibheann’s Pink tie – thanks. Sterling bank drafts and cheques are of course welcome.

Please note that no children will be allowed on the day it is an Adult Only event.

There will also be a table where we will ask every to sign an insurance form for your protection on the day.  Please note that we can not take responsibility for items you leave in the carpark, the carpark will be manned by a Ban Gardai and Wayne our head of Security.  For those parking in the other area of the carpark (a field) the gate to this field will be manned by two policemen.

12.00-121.15- After all getting into our dressing gowns or t-shirts for the day we will go down to the beach (you will be counted on the way down to the beach) and then we gather on the beach and take some photos with official photographer.  We may also have a drone on the day for when we are all still in our t-shirts to wave up to.   A few songs may be sung and general craic will be had.  There will be loads of stewards on the day to count us all and we will have first aiders and life guards.  As the event is so massive this year we ask for your patience as it will be a big job to ensure we are all counted properly.  We have to get counted in 50s and official signed off by a steward.   Very Importantabsolutely no phones or pictures to be taken down to the beach we all have to respect each other’s privacy… if there is a special photo you want taken with a group of friends just ask any of the photographers to take it for you.   Usually photos like this are taken after the dip… so before dip will be just a huge photo and after you can have group photos taken.

12.45pm – we aim to dip – you will hear the big siren someone announce that it is time to run in…. we will disrobe and all run in together, totally hysteric with whoops and hollers and we all have to be in the water for five minutes up to your waist – singing, laughter, hollering and cursing are allowed….

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7 Responses to Schedule of the Day

  1. says:

    Oh God FIVE minutes in the cold water. Brrrrrr

  2. Tricia Ludlow says:

    Are dressing gowns supplied or do we bring our own.

  3. Geraldine Darcy says:

    Can you get dropped at the hotel andirectly avail of the bus. I am a solo dipper and my hubby and little people will be dropping me off.

  4. Susan Smullen says:

    What time is the bus back to wicklow?

  5. Jenn says:

    Hi I’m organizing a bus from Armagh, newry dundalk should we just head straight to the beach for 11:30?