FAQ Worlds Largest Skinny Dip

Hi all… delighted our 6th Strip and Dip has been announced and there is an amazing response so far.  This year we are aiming to break The Guinness Book of World Record for Largest Skinny Dip – we need over 1200 people on the day and registered to ensure we beat it. There are a lot of questions so I am hoping this document will cover some of them for you.  If you have any questions at all just post them on the Facebook Event.

  • Date – 9th  June 2018
  • Time – Meet from 10.30 am at beach – finish time around 2/3pm – there will also be buses organised from The Grand Hotel in Wicklow going up and down to the beach before and after the dip so you could leave you car there and join us on the bus
  • How can I register to go? – Firstly please go to our event page and hit going https://www.facebook.com/events/679763562183232/ and hit on going and your in.
  • Official Registration – we would ask that you then officially register on www.iregister.ie/worldslargestskinnydip
  • Does it cost to join? – there is a non refundable fee of a modest €10 which will be used for insurance, security, props needed, first aiders etc.  All proceeds that are not used in connection with the Dip will go straight to Aoibheanns Pink Tie
  • Is it just ladies? – yes this is a women only event (sorry lads)
  • Where is it on? – it is on in a secluded beach in Wicklow roughly 7 kms from Wicklow Town….
  • Security? – we have security on the entrance to the beach and security people on the day ensuring that no other people apart from dippers have access – so it’s just us ladies
  • Car Park? – there is car parking available at the beach please bring as many people in one car so everyone can park.  There is room for roughly 150 cars so as the numbers are so big please car share.   We will also be running a mini bus from The Grand hotel in Wicklow to the beach and back – might be a good idea to leave your car there and come up by bus.
  • What Happens on the day? – people arrive from 1030 and usually park up and shoot the breeze, have a few tipples, do body art if there are into it and basically hang out for an hour or two
  • What time do we dip? We arrive from 10.30am…. we will plan to have the dip at roughly 12.30 we will head down to the beach roughly 12pm – there may be a slight change on the day due to tides.
  • Photography – when we get to the beach there will be photographs taken by the official photographers
  • The official photographers will take loads of photos of us before, after and during the dip. A few shots of us all running in from behind so nobody is recognizable
  • Also we will need to take videos of proof for Guinness Book of Records
  • These images may be used in Media and Social Media so if this is a problem for you maybe this event is not right for you – I will control this and anything that I post again nobody would be recognisable (well maybe your lover might recognise your ass!)
  • Nobody can take phone photographs on the actual beach.   Phones can be used after EVERYONE is out of the water and clothed again
  • Before we leave the beach and the car park we ensure that every single piece of rubbish goes with us
  • Access to the beach is kindly given to us on the day by the owner and security is also donated by the owner so we need to respect this and ensure the place is as beautiful as it was when we arrive
  • Wayne is our Chief of Security – he organises the beach for us every year and the security and is just a great guy – Wayne will be the only man on the day (but wont go down to the beach with us) – Wayne reckons he has the best job in Ireland on this day :-)
  • Ladies please understand that the Dip is taken at your own risk and no liability is attached to us or the owners of the land leading to the beach
  • After the dip we usually go to a pub in Wicklow and have a few drinks… more details to follow
  • Some people will go home straight after the dip which of course is okay but its good fun in the pub catching up with everyone, Sinead Hamill does a big Ditty on the dip which is always hilarious
  • After the pub some people head home and some people stay for the night in the local hotels.
  • Accommodation if staying over - There are roughly 250 women staying over for the dip in various accommodation in Wicklow.  To be honest I am running out of ideas.  So I can’t really recommend anywhere.  There is camping available www.silverstrand.ie you could check out Air B&B as well and maybe Wicklow Tourist Board.
  • We are hoping to have a band of DJ Grand Hotel this year which will pay from around 10pm after.
  • Usually we do a big dinner but numbers are just too big I think… so maybe make plans with people you are with or we can all meet up in The Grand anyhow


  • We are fundraising for Aoibheanns Pink Tie which is the National Cancer Charity of Ireland – 97% of ALL proceeds to the family and kids fighting cancer – their aim is to make their journey more comfortable and bring in as much happiness as possible.   So when we fund raise for this charity we are not paying a bit salary to a CEO – the kids get it all.
  • The best way to fundraise is to do it online.  Please following instructions below to set up your account (which is free to set up of course and just takes a minute or two)
  • Click on this link https://www.idonate.ie/eventdetail.php?id=1824&event=charity
  • Create an account for you and basically follow the steps – give yourself a username then choose to create a fundraising page and follow on from there
  • Then just follow the details with your details and image etc.etc.
  • Once you are set up you will get your own personal fundraising link which you can copy and use on FB, Email, Text etc.etc.
  • We aim to raise as much as possible so your efforts are really appreciated

Offline Fundraising

  • It is of course okay as well do fundraise offline (all fundraising is great).  you can download a sponsorship card here and print it off
  • All monies collected should be lodged directly to the Bank Account of the charity or if this is not possible please bring it on the day and there will be designated people to hand the money.   Another thing you can do is any monies you have collected you can upload it online to the main idonate account which is  www.idonate.ie/worldslargestskinnydip  In the comments just put your name so we know it came from you
  • When you use the online facility the funds weekly go direct to the charity

Corporate Sponsorship

  • Over the last few years we have received a lot of sponsorship from companies
  • Some companies match employees fundraising efforts
  • Some companies may have a special day in the office to raise funds for this
  • So please check out your company to see if they help out

Dipper Groups Set Up feel free to join either or both :-)

You Will Never Dip Alone
For women who are coming to dip by themselves… this is a way to get chatting to other women also in the same boat.  We will be arranging a place for “all the single ladies” to meet and go up on the bus together from the hotel to the beach.  So far there are over 100 ladies in this group so you will never be on your own.

Share a Lift or Need a Lift
A group set up for people who are driving to the dip and have spare seats and those who are looking for lifts.  Be great to travel down with someone and share costs and have a bit of craic on the way

 Information on Aoibheanns Pink Tie Aoibheann’s Pink Tie “National Children’s Cancer Charity” was set up in 2010 by Mick Rochford and Jimmy Norman after the tragic loss of Jimmy’s daughter Aoibheann to cancer aged just 8 years. During Aoibheann’s year long battle with this dreadful disease, the family found little or no financial or practical support  for children and their families. Jimmy and his family had a large support network of friends and family but found that many on the ward had virtually no support at all. When Aoibheann passed away the men wore pink ties at the funeral which was Aoibheann’s favourite colour. The charity was formed in her memory to remedy the lack of support for other children and their families going through treatment. Families of children diagnosed with cancer are completely and utterly focused on their sick child. The regular travel to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital from all over Ireland, the extended overnight stays consume all waking moments during this battle and the day-to-day necessities of life fall by the wayside or become impossible to manage. Medical cards are incredibly difficult to get if either spouse is in employment, mortgages, utility bills, motoring costs and general household bills become lost in the mire of the battle as they struggle with one of life’s worst nightmares. Phone bills, accommodation costs and medical bills become a huge burden for the parents who have to endure the nightmare of watching their child battle cancer. Aoibheann’s Pink Tie will help and offer practical support to the families of children diagnosed with cancer and who are attending St John’s Oncology Ward in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital. Focused on children attending the only treatment center for childhood cancer in Ireland, we will support the complete family unit, of parents and siblings, who may not understand what is happening to their Brother or Sister. Visit www.aoibheannspinktie.ie for more details A touch of what to expect

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4 Responses to FAQ Worlds Largest Skinny Dip

  1. Joan Newberry says:

    A while back you were looking for female helpers for the beach. My daughter in law is getting me quite a lot of sponsorship in her work and would be very keen to help out on the day at the beach. Do you still require helpers?
    How do I register her for this ?

  2. Denise says:

    How do we register for the bus as I have already registered for the swim cheers

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi – we are doing the swim but as we are travelling a bit of a distance we will get a taxi to the beach but would like to get the bus back to the hotel- is that possible?