Strip and Dip 2016

Well folks it’s that time of year again – what time? My favourite time, when all fabulous women get together and dash naked into the Irish Sea.

This is our fourth year and again we are dipping for Aoibheanns Pink Tie the most wonderful Children’s Cancer Charity run by volunteers so our donations are going to people who really need it.

We are all Women

What to Expect on the Day

  • We will meet up at 12.00/12.30 at a beach in Wicklow (I will give everyone that contacts me details on the night before – just so we keep the wildlife away)
  • Women arrive and usually all gather around in the car park, shoot the breeze and then have a tipple or two
  • When the bus arrives from Cork we know its nearly time to head to the beach
  • Usually women change into dressing gowns or whatever they like in the car park before we go down to the beach
  • Some women do body art, wear mad wigs etc.etc. so whatever tickles your fancy – anything goes
  • There will be one man among us.   The most wonderful Chief of Security Wayne Geordie who every year has giving so generously his time and money to ensure that we are secure.   Wayne will be in the Car Park as he has been in other years as he has a lot of things to sort out.   So if changing just be aware there will be one man there – most of us don’t care what he sees but just wanted everyone to know that
  • The lovely Wayne supplies security for us every year.  He has men on the gates so no other people have access to the beach while we dip.  His job is to ensure that when we are down on the beach we are all happy and secure that we are by ourselves, women, beautiful, big, small and tall.    Wayne stays above ground and make sure no-one gets some fabulous eye candy
  • When we get down to the beach we will have a message for the world which we will all hide behind while we de-robe
  • This year we have two messages as always these are done by the legendary Mr Patrick O’Carrol and Alphabet Graphics
  • There will be some messages on bums too (pre-arranged with people)
  • Also every year I love to get a shot of women who have made it through cancer so please join us if you were one of the lucky ones
  • These photos will be shown on Social Media (but we will all be covered) so without sounding rude if anyone has a problem with that then maybe this dip is not for you
  • Classy body artThe lovely Barbra Hackettis doing the photography again this year for us.  Barbra will be in the car park taking photos of us all and will be down on the beach with us.  We will have a shot of us all running into the sea from afar where no-one will be recognisable – well maybe your partner, lover or mother might recognise your ass – again if you have a problem with this photo again re-think doing this.
  • People after the dip can use their phones for photos of course but please ensure that
    nobody is naked in any of them before posting
  • Also everyone gets giggly and brave after and are dying to take naked shots – that’s cool take them of you and your friends but not of other people
  • Yearly we had a private group of photos after of nude shots from the day which was in a password protected group.  This year we will not do this as some people had a problem with it and did not understand it was just us that had access.
  • After our dip people usually lounge around and have another dip or two or hug their besties and revel in what they have just done
  • Before we leave the beach we ensure that we do not leave one tiny bit of litter anywhere
  • After the beach we all head down to Wicklow Town for a pint or two where Wayne has organised and paid for some nibbles for us and Sinead Hamill will get up and read a Ditty she made about our Strip and Dip.
  • After that people usually head home, or to their hotel/B&B and we meet up later on for dinner
  • Dinner this year is in the Grand Hotel and we will meet in the bar there at 8 and aim to eat at 9.
  • We have a private room and they will have some background music – and hopefully we will be all making music too

    Our Chief of Security Wayne

  • Dinner is roughly€25 per person
  • We have been given some amazing prizes on the night to give out will list them all later.  Anybody want to donate anything please just holler
  • People buy their own drinks so there is no confusion (well confusion over who pays) LMAO
  • There is music in the Bar after or there is a disco across the road so we usually dance til dawn or whenever they kick us out.
  • Thanks to our two helpers again this year Yvonne Sheridan and Una O’Brien they will be keeping us in order (how the hell that is possible I have no idea)
I know the minute I post this I will remember more…. but that’s it for now.  Please keep sharing your idonate pages and waving your sponsorship cards in front of people.  Lets make this a huge fundraising event that we can be so very proud of.

That’s the first time I have written in this blog for over a year.   I really enjoyed it raging I stopped.  Think I will start again what you reckon?

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend – can’t describe how much I am looking forward to next weekend.




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5 Responses to Strip and Dip 2016

  1. Michelle Butler says:

    Can’t wait Dee here’s hoping the weather keeps up ☀️☀️☀️ You should definitely continue writing your blog especially to record all the wonderful achievements & events you have been involved in. Xx

  2. Ger Clifford says:

    Can’t wait to meet up with everyone again.Hope to “something” on my back again this year.

  3. Breda Hurley says:

    Just finished reading nd the its like going down memory lane, and looking to make more thank you Deirdre see you again for the 4th year on sat