Cherry on the Cake……

Just a quick post for those not on Facebook…. lol just in the off-chance you might want to hear my news :-)

Well,  I was in Vinnies today to check out how the operation with my new nipple went last week.   You may remember I said in my last post a doctor kept saying “ask for me” when I was whacked out in recovery.   Rocked up and said “I am supposed to ask for someone I can’t remember his name but think he was an Aussie”.   “Ahhhh Conor” she said.

In I went nurse took off the bandages…… God I was honestly nervous in case it hadn’t worked, in fairness though in my heart and soul I knew it did.    While the lovely nurse was taking off my bandages I said “Oh God I hope it just doesn’t fall off” :-) she was laughing and saying “don’t say that” and said “everything is looking great”.   I was like a child on Christmas Eve waiting to see what was under the wrapper.

Well under the wrapper was a nipple (quite big but seemingly it reduces over the next week or two), stitches both sides but nurse said it looked okay.  Sure what’s another scar at this stage I have so many – who needs tattoos :-)  Was so weird nurse went out and I was just lying there looking down and looking at a nipple…. it sounds so bizarre and maybe only people who have been through it can understand the feeling.   It was like WOW I am nearly back to what I was.   When nurse went I got up  from the bed and had a look in the mirror (felt like a naughty teenager and of course I was never one of those)…… now its far from pretty at the moment but it is there and it is mine.

Mad thing happened while the nurse was slowly taking the bandages off the new one,  I got little stabbing sensations of pain in my old boob.    This happened around four times, they would take another layer of bandage off again a little dart.   Was again quite bizarre and definitely not just my imagination in a way it was maybe one twin saying to the other…. WHEY HEY HEY we are back together :-)

Was talking to my friend Naomi earlier who had the same procedure done and in her own words said “I feel complete again”.   That just summed it up it’s a feeling of WOW I am so near the end and I feel nearly complete again.  At the moment it’s just a nipple I asked the “quite seriously cute” Aussie doc when I could have the tattoo of the Areola and he said probably three months.    At this stage who cares…. its taken nearly 18 months to build this new one and what’s another few months.   Thankfully it’s not a Logan special and another year.

Was thinking…… always said I would have a big bash after the whole thing was over so looking like maybe March for the big booze up to celebrate EVERYTHING is done and dusted.  Hopefully like the “last chemo party” you will all join me :-)

In the meantime its bandages back on, another week on antibiotics and a party to look forward to on Saturday.   Happy Birthday Karen Meagen

Thanks again for all your support through all this…. honestly would have been so boring without you.

This was actually only meant to be a paragraph or two…. maybe I am getting my MOJO back :-)

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15 Responses to Cherry on the Cake……

  1. C says:

    You never lost your MOJO Dee!

  2. Rose says:

    Have tears of happiness in my eyes for you Dee ! You’re on the home straight and finish line is truly in sight – Now – if only I could be there in March! Love you loads ! Rose v xx

  3. Mairéad Lafferty says:

    Ahh Dee delighted. You just put a big smile on my face. Xxx

  4. Lorraine O'Brien says:

    Deirdre, across the pond in the U.S., I am so delighted for this update as I have not been on facebook for well over a year now. Your news is wonderful, I’m so pleased for you. Sharing your journey has been an inspiration to me – your strength, determination, and humor have been uplifting to say the least, and have helped me stay focused on being grateful for not only all the ‘big things’, but also all the ‘little things’ in my life. You ROCK, girl!!!!!!

    Lorraine O’Brien

  5. Can I now refer to you as my two nipples friend??

  6. michelle says:

    Delighted for you. You could never lose your mojo

  7. sinead says:

    That is fantastic news…try not to walk around celbridge with your baps out

  8. Patricia Demery says:

    Great News Dee xxxx

  9. Terry says:

    Nippy Halloween cuz!! Congrats and hope u continue upwards!! X

  10. Germullencarroll says:

    Thrilled all is gud with ur nipple….have to say it wud have been such a laugh if it had fell off….giggle…I’m so bad…ah no I wud have laughed and got my nail glue out for u….congrats and soooo lookin forward for the new you party.xxxx Lotsa luv

  11. Therese says:

    Very happy for you xxx