Wahooo 100 naked women and €26,000 raised

I find it so hard to describe the feeling of us all doing the Strip and Dip even now writing this my eyes are getting moist.  It was a most magical day the laughter started at 1pm and didn’t finish til 3 am (lol for some of us!)   I have this absolutely immense pride for all the beautiful women that did the Dip.   For a lot of women it was their first time doing it and they were extremely nervous – afterwards first thing they all said – doing it again next year.

It was very liberating for everyone and a huge sense of WOMEN….. being part of the day the camaraderie was amazing.    We were effing amazing every single one of us and we all got on so well.

It started with whoops and hollers as people arrived at the beach car park manned again by the lovely Wayne who reckons he defo has the best job in Wicklow on that day.   More people arrived, bus taxis arrived, the bus from Cork arrived with the 13 Rebelettes to more whoops and hollers.  People getting out with mad wigs on, people with only one boob and amazing artwork all around their masectomy scar.  Champage, Toffee Brandy, Prosecco, Beer, Wine, Bacardi was all being taken to hoots of laughter and craic beforehand.  The Amazing photograph Barbra Hackett and her friend Emer were there to take all our photos which I hope you like below.

We Stripped and Dipped to mayhem of hollers, false starts, screams, singing, laughter, cursing and overall mayhem of 100 women getting naked and running into the freezing sea.  To be honest I don’t even remember the cold I was laughing so much.

Women got out hugging each other all immersed in the moment of being free and liberated and remember all those people who we so dearly lost through cancer.   We forgot we were naked that sounds mad but you really don’t give a shite!!!

More craic and to the pub for a few after the Dip and the wonderful Sinead Hamills Ditty on the DIp.   Take a look it is absolutely hilarious!

We ventured back to our accommodation and met up for a great Dinner in the Bridge Tavern around 55 of us.  Well we had the craic and the laugh.  We lost a few people en route :-) no names!!    There was a band on outdoors it was lashing rain we didn’t care we danced in the rain.  Loads of us then continued on (the lightweights went to bed).  Myself and my sis among the last of us…. couldn’t get into the Chipper so we fell into bed!

Great craic next day at brekkie reliving the day and night and some extremely green faces among us.     That was our Strip and Dip the memories made will last a lifetime.

We are still taking donations at www.idonate.ie/kickingtheshiteoutofcancer  The charity is the wonderful Aiobheanns Pink Tie who are a voluntary charity who help families and children going through cancer.

Here is a “taste” of the Day – dedicated to Barbara Ward and all the other people we were thinking of on the day Ger, Brendan, Gra, Mark and many many others.

This is a summary of some of the Dippers comments about the day……. I love them and I think you will really get a gist of how we were feeling.

Reenagh Maher – I did it for my beautiful neighbour. Dee and I would do it again in a heartbeat !!

Fidelma Murray-Hill - Personally I did it for all the women in this country as none of us know the hour or the day when breast cancer may strike I am now goin to Kick the shite out of cancer every year by taking part in Strip and Dip

Breda Hurley -  I did it for my family nd myself nd I would do it again xxx

Josey Foran Farrell - It’s the most liberating thing I’ve ever done and to know ur raising awareness for breast cancer at the same time there’s no feeling in this world like it x

Michelle Masterson – I did it as I had reached my 5th year cancer free & also for the legend that is Deirdre Featherstone an inspirational fellow member of the lump club. Amazing scary & emotional experience that will definitely be an annual event.

Emer Halpenny – I did it for my sister who has bravely battled breast cancer. I never expected to get the gift of knowing what truly matters. Try and stop me next year – and I hope to bring a few more with too!

Sinead Hamill – I did it because, like last year, it was a life affirming moment that brought a great group of women together for a great.cause

Marion Pyper – I did it for all us women and especially those of who have been there,,,,,next year can’t come fast enough

Claire O’Toole -  It was such a brillant day. Having lost a sister who died of cancer and to see women who have survived it and what they are going through are inspiration to everyone. Definately do it again next year.

Jacqueline O Driscoll – I did it for everyone who has been affected by cancer and thinking of the little kids who are going through it but still manage a smile x roll on next year

Eilish Carney Brady - I did it the first yr because Deirdre had been through a tough time with the cancer and still was thinking of others. . I was totally morto about doing it. . But it was a fantastically liberating experience and the atmosphere was amazing. .. hence I had no quibbles about doing it this yr. .

Jen O Driscoll – I did it for my mom and two aunts especially! Also for every family who has been touched by this horrible disease!! Really can’t wait for next year very liberating!!

Mina Kerr – I did because I lost my sister Ger and her husband Brendan to cancer and they were so young and I loved them so much. If Ger was alive she would have been first in the water and the last out! So I did it in their memory and ill do it next year and every year after that for them and for everyone we have lost to this despicable disease xxx

Helen O Shea - I did it for 2 of my closest friends ©who have had cancer and my wonderful dad(RIP Dad)who died of this disease. Will deffo be doing it next year. I had a blast.

Nichola Connolly – It’s such a moving liberating day… There really are no words to describe it, to do something so amazing and raise money for cancer at the same time is incredible… Where do I sign up for next year?

Patricia Lang - I did it for my darling mum – a lady i lost 2 years ago – she had ovarian cancer. But next year i will do it for the most inspiring bunch of women i have ever met in my life – Next year i will do it for the brave 2014 strip & dippers

Julieanne Odonovan - Did it to raise money for aoibheanns pink tie and to support dee and doing it again because its the most magical feeling to be surrounded by such love and support and non judgement. Not to mention the amazing after party;)

Afric Bolger - I did it to show my support for all the women who’ve suffered at the hands of the “BIG C” and in support of friends who have survived and in memory of those that didn’t. As a first timer this year I really did think it was going to be a nerve racking experience and I was so so wrong. It was the most liberating empowering thing I’ve done and I’ll be back next year to do it again.

Debbie Nolan - I did because my friend Dee had asked me to do it. My first reaction was no way! Dee said “if I can do it with one boob so can you” reality check! To see this amazing woman giving back to the children suffering from the same disease made me realise that life is to short. I did it last year and had no hesitation this year and just try hold me back next year. I met the most amazing women all there for their own reasons and made some great friends.

Maureen Connolly - Back in December my daughter Nichola Connolly was on her Christmas ngt out rang me and asked me would I do it with her , I said yes to get her of the phone .i was so glad to be part of the day ,well done to all the ladies and let’s kick the shite out of cancer x

Rionach De HOir Campbell - Saw it as a fun opportunity to celebrate life, raise funds and awareness for aoibheens pink tie. The day was a really fantastic experience and reminded me to live each day and to be thankful for so much. Met fabulous like minded women and celebrated everything life has to offer into the early hours!! Thanks for asking me to join the warriors dee. Xx

Karen Meagan - I did it because my mum & aunt and Dee battled and won the fight against breast cancer and I did it for the women who didnt pull through. Words don’t do justice to the emotions we felt on the day. Women encouraging, enabling & empowering. Thank you Dee

Patricia Demery - I did last year for the first time because I came across Dee’s story through a friend of mine and I was blown away by her strength and vitality, her complete lack of self pity and I did it this year again because I cant tell you empowering and up lifting it is, to get my middle aged butt out get over myself and do some good and meet such inspiring and genuine women , thank you Dee this is life enhancing to say the least xx

Siobhan Tinkler - I decided to participate because I wanted to join these inspirational women. Self consciousness wasn’t in the cards! It was a liberating and emotional experience. Thank you all. It wad a privilege.


Here are the photos hope you enjoy them


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10 Responses to Wahooo 100 naked women and €26,000 raised

  1. Just brilliant!! So sorry I missed it this year and for the record I love sinead Hamill!!

    • Deirdre says:

      I know so sad you couldn’t make it. You will have to dip with us next year and make a weekend out of it you can stay with me sinead absolute legend

  2. Awesome! Sinead Hamill’s poem was hilarious. Thanks to all of you who are bringing so much good into the world and having a great time doing it.

  3. Germullencarroll says:

    Wot a fantastic day, absolutely howled at sineads poem. Gutted I wasn’t there…roll on next year…well done to all of ye.women power at its best.xxx

  4. Liz Yeates says:

    Amazing – well done to all you ladies. From Liz & all at the Marie Keating Foundation

    • Deirdre says:

      Thanks a million Liz very kind of you :-) I had a lovely lady called Yvonne ring me from Marie Keating Foundation when I was literally just diagnosed she spoke with me for over an hour and it meant so much to me. Keep up the good work and if you ever need a hand with anything would be happy to get involved.