Thanks 2013 We Kicked Cancer’s Arse

I have been sitting at home pondering over the year that I have had.  There was some terrible low points and some wonderful high points.   I’ll get rid of the low points first as the high points list is way longer.

Low Points

  • Chemotherapy – Eight sessions  (6 months)
  • 40/50 times been jabbed with needles for blood or drugs
  • 29 Hospital appointments
  • My right breast was taken from me
  • 5 Days in hospital post operation
  • Four times in surgery
  • Four general anesthetics
  • I was bald, I had no eyebrows or eyelashes either
  • I got kicked into menopause by chemo
  • 28 rounds of Radiotherapy
  • Some very painful pumping sessions for reconstruction
  • A five-day stint in Naas Hospital for a kidney infection
  • Double operation for reconstruction and boob reduction
  • Infection after operation so taking it handy again over Christmas

High Points

  • I was declared cancer free
  • I had the option to reconstruct my missing boob
  • I had a great party to celebrate finishing chemo
  • I was nominated for a make-over and spa break by my friend Emer and won!!
  • I helped in a great gig in Stillorgan in aid of Leah Little from Greystones
  • My cousin Kerri came to stay
  • I was declared cancer free
  • We did a Strip n Dip with so many great ladies and raised €21,000
  • I got to meet Princess Leah and Lily-Mae
  • I ditched my wig
  • My hair started growing back
  • My eyebrows starting growing back
  • My eyelashes starting growing back
  • I was declared cancer free
  • I met some amazing new friends on my cancer trail (my cancer chickkies)
  • I reconnected with some old friends who have come up trumps for me
  • All the cancer chickkies I met have come out the other side too
  • I got so many pressies, cards, flowers, masses said, angles, holy water, lasagnes and wine :-)
  • My friends cleaned my house and cooked me meals and kept me company
  • I went on holidays with my sister
  • Did a talk in IBM on my cancer journey
  • I was declared cancer free
  • Got a new boob (ongoing project)
  • Got my old boob lifted and reduced
  • Got liposuction
  • Spent some really great quality time with my folks after operation
  • I am alive and well have a brilliant family and friends
  • I was declared cancer free

Our Year in Images


 Happy New Year Everyone!

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13 Responses to Thanks 2013 We Kicked Cancer’s Arse

  1. Way to go, Deirdre! Have a wonderful, healthy 2014!

  2. Avril McCann says:

    Always enjoy your posts Deirdre. Such an inspiration to other women going through it now, I think it must be some comfort to women who are going through those dark times!! All the best to you and your family for the new year. Avrilx

  3. jackie mcewan says:

    you really are an inspiration Dee….here’s to a happy,healthy new year…love to you all…jackie,alan and caitlin xxxx

  4. owen dunbar says:

    Well done Deirdre on your cancer free news ,i too got all clear news from colon cancer, One operation to go in early jan 2014 and hopefully get back to work soon after as i have been out of work for one year on 8th jan ,Hope you and your family have a happy and healthy new year, slan

  5. That gave me a few tears happy and sad ones if im honest..some of the pics you see what you have gone through then some with beautiful smiles as you see your health improve. My favourite pic is one of you in the lovely black floppy hat. You stayed focused and strong even on the bad days.. All the fab qualities that make up a Beautiful Woman. Wishing you a Healthy Happy 2014 surrounded with family and friends that lov e you dearly…Eileen x

    • Deirdre says:

      That’s so much Eileen. I should have mentioned all the lovely old friends that I am now back in contact with. You have been so very good to me and there for me every step of the way xx

  6. Jan Ohlsson says:

    More high points than low points. Brilliant, Dee! Keep on fighting! // Jan

  7. Eamonn says:

    Hope you and your family have a healthy and happy 2014 after what you have all went through.Keep a good eye on Your health as unfortunately my wife had breast cancer and it came back after 5 years in her bones so it has so far been another five years of surgery chemo hair loss again, so live every day and remember every day you see the sun rise is a good one.

    • Deirdre says:

      Hi eamon so sorry to hear your wife got it back again. Yes so important to now stay healthy and as you say each sunrise is a great day. Rain doesn’t even bother me any more. Again sorry to hear that your wife and family have had to go through all the heartbreak again. Please give your wife my regards