Feck Cancer I’m off on me Holliers – Laughter 24/7

Still recovering from a five-day break in Portugal with my sister Mia, think we called it a break as we spent the whole five days breaking our sides laughing.   It was non stop fun from start to finish as for rest and relaxation…mmmm not too sure about that.  First time ever been away on a sun holiday with sister minus our six kids and boy did we relish and enjoy every single moment.  The only decisions we had to make were:-

  • Where will we go for breakfast
  • Where will we go for lunch
  • What will we have to drink
  • Where will we go for dinner
  • What will we have to drink
  • What club shall we go to
  • What will we have to drink

We spent most of the day at the pool or cafe people watching (one of my favourite hobbies) we hadn’t a care in the world.  You remember when you were a kid and you were in school or at mass and you got a fit of the giggles and you just couldn’t stop laughing?  that’s what we were like 24/7 sometimes we just had to look at each other to erupt into more laughter.  We met a great gang of lads from Sheffield and we had the craic with them and the slagging was 90 – Eh Up Lads….. got great craic taking off their accent, they seriously thought we were nuts.  Needless to say we were well-known around the complex by the time we left.    On our second night both fast asleep in the bedroom I awoke to Mia shouting “get out, get out, you’re in the wrong apartment” I was hanging out of the bed trying to have a goo….. some couple on our couch having a great old-time, obviously got apartments mixed up, was seriously funny the girl left her bra in the rush to get out!  We reckon we saw her a few times int he pool area after but she didnt exactly make eye contact with us.  We left the bra swinging from the palm tree outside our apartment!

We were in Albueferia in Portugal and the part we were in wasn’t for the faint hearted it was a bit like Ibiza uncovered but we found a couple of live music venues that were great fun and more our age.  We went into the old town of Albquefeira a couple of nights that was really nice.  We sat outside this place that had live music quite old-fashioned music, next the hucklebuck came on and five women dragged me up on the street to do it.    Honestly thought Mia was going to wet herself laughing I couldn’t look at her I could just see tears streaming down her face looking at me doing it.

Must say it was pure bliss the whole holiday, just looking after ourselves, not a worry in the world, never checked emails once, the sun was shining, the company was great that we met, dinners out, cocktails, cappucinos, dips in the pool, side-splitting laughter.   One thing that we noticed on holiday it was that everyone was in great form, everyone was enjoying themselves and laughing away and always smiling it was great.

For any of you ladies who have never done a holiday like that dump the kids, grab your sister or your best girlfriend and go away for a few days it’s the best tonic ever.   We were a sorry sight the last night bus came to collect us at 3.50am from our apartments and of course there was no point in going to sleep before that so we had dinner and just a couple of drinks that night.  Lucky me managed to lose my boarding pass between security and gate and that bastard Michael O’Leary charged me €70 for a new one!   Was quite funny as was frisked in security think the lady got a bit of a shock when she was rummaging around my bra and one of my boobs literally came off in her hands :-)

On a totally different note, this week I had the pleasure of meeting the two little girls that we did the Strip and Dip for, Lily Mae and Princess Leah.   I met Lily Mae and her Mam Jude in a hotel near Crumlin hospital and we had lunch together.  Lily Mae was a little dote and was enjoying the space of being able to run around the hotel.  Lily-Mae was on her second last treatment in Crumlin and you could see that she was really tired and it was hard work for her Mam to try to get her to eat. That evening I called up to visit Princess Leah who lives close enough to me here in Kildare, another beautiful little girl and a real trooper, Princess Leah has done all her chemo and radiation and so far unfortunately it has not worked, she looked very frail and is unable to walk at the moment, its heart breaking.  Her older brother Jordan was absolutely fabulous with her, looking out for her all the time and helping her on the couch to sit up for the photo he said “come on Princess Leah up you get”…..  a beautiful child.     The reason for meeting the two girls was two-fold, first I really wanted to meet them and secondly was to do an official hand over the cheque from our recent event in the hope that the girls will get some publicity out of it.  If anyone reading this has any contacts in the media whatsoever would be great to get the photos in the papers or chat about it on radio so if you know of anyone please let me know.

On a very sad note I would like to mention my friend Sheilas husband, Trevor, who passed away two weeks ago suddenly at the age of 48.  Trevor and Sheila were like two peas in a pod you never saw one without the other.  Trevor was a great character and I enjoyed many a fun night in his company, he gave me the lovely AJH saying, we were in a pub one night and he was telling us about all the AJH’s that came into the shop, we were like “whats an AJH”…….Ah Jaysus Howaya….. even got to use it in this blog.  You will be sorely missed by everyone especially your loving soul mate Sheila.   RIP Trevor.

Now in cancer world (nearly forgot) where am I at?  Have a boob pump on Thursday another 100ml injected into me, after that another appointment with oncologist to see how I am reacting to my meds that I have to take for five years – seem to be doing fine on them.   So maybe three more pumps, then operation to take out my expander and put in the implant a couple of months after that will get Floppy Fiona reduced to match the new one.   All in all hopefully be finished with everything around January/February and then of course it will be the MEGA KICKING THE SHITE OUT OF CANCER PARTY the chemo one was just a warm up!!

Good things that happened and are going to happen:-

  • Our blog got shortlisted for the Ireland Blog Awards 2013 :-) Award night in October to see if we win :-)
  • Going to Cancer Conference in Aviva on Saturday and will be meeting up with all my new cancer mates – see you there ladies ;-)
  • Looking forward to Paul’s 50th bash on Saturday
  • Was invited by Vincents to go the Maria Keating Foundation Fashion Show with dinner and drinks in the Conrad at the end of the month.  My cancer buddy Naomi is coming with me should be fun
  • Will be doing a photo shoot early October with the fabulous Elaine Laverty who is doing a calendar for Breast Cancer and I am one of the models and months –  whoop whoop watch this space
  • I am in great form and I wake up every day and count my lucky stars that I have come this far

That’s it folks, enjoy the rest of your weekend, dare to do something different, be a shame not to ;-)

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8 Responses to Feck Cancer I’m off on me Holliers – Laughter 24/7

  1. I’ll have to write a ditty to celebrate your new titties at the post cancer party!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Brilliant as usual Dee. You will live the fashion show strutting your stuff. I did it the year before last. Great fun. M xxxx

    • Deirdre says:

      Must say looking forward to it don’t think I will be strutting my stuff just observing, looking forward to it. Hoping to see you on Saturday at Mauleys big bash xx

  3. Terry Kinane says:

    Does a weekend in Wexford count? me, the sisters, the ma and her sister all going away in Oct. HOpe we have as much laughs as you and Mia Dee. congrats on the nomination for the blog. We must be due a meet up soon?!!

    • Deirdre says:

      Hi Cuz that sounds like a blast the whole lot of you you will have a ball!! Anywhere with female company is brilliant I reckon! Yes defo meet up soon have doc appointment on Wednesday but Mams birthday but will be in touch and we can meet up maybe the week after.. Thanks on the blog :-)