Quick Post on a Fabulous Friday

Hi Guys – just a very quick post for those reading blog and not on Facebook.

Got all my results today.  The Doc said that I am progressing very well, the chemo is working, the tumour is shrinking,  he was going to maybe do operation earlier and not do the last three chemos but the Oncologist said I am responding “very well” to the chemo and advised I finish – I agreed whole heartedly and want to finish to shrink it even further.  I would really like an immediate reconstruction after operation – he said that he would be happy with this decision if plastics were.  Very happy about that.

However the Best News is that he said that after my mastectomy that I would be CANCER FREE – I was a little taken aback and got him to repeat it and at end of meeting said “Okay so you are saying that after my operation the cancer will be gone” he said “yes”


Still a huge way to go with chemo, operation, reconstruction, radiotherapy for six weeks – but you know what I don’t give a rats arse – all I heard was that I will be CANCER FREE they can chop off anything they want as long as cancer is gone.

Just a short post to keep you updated.   From the bottom of my heart I thank you all so much for just being you, helping me stay positive, boosting me when I am not feeling so good and willing me on all the way!

I will write a longer post when I sober up :-)    Heading out as Sinead O’Connor (priest version) to a 40th tomorrow night can’t wait.

Thats it folks.

Loads of hugs back at you all xxx



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8 Responses to Quick Post on a Fabulous Friday

  1. Wonderfully awesome news! xoxo, e.

  2. Anne Cunningham says:

    Dee I can’t say in words how ecstatic I am for you tonight, you have been so strong and that has brought you to where you are tonight, your positivity has made you conquer the shite out of cancer. Proud of you sis, love you loads Anne xxx

  3. Orla Breen says:

    Delighted for you lady!

  4. Jackie McEwan says:

    Alan and myself are so pleased Dee……great news…..here’s to the future…….love Jackie and Alan xxxxx

  5. Glitter Mama says:

    Delighted to hear that!!!! xxx

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Deirdre. I am thrilled to hear your good news. I read your blog every week and think you are an amazing inspiration. So brave so funny so strong. My sister was diagnosed around the same time as you but opted to have surgery first. I wish you well on the remainder of your journey and look forward to reading future posts.

    • Deirdre says:

      thanks very much really appreciate that. Hope your sister is getting on well – I didnt have a choice had to do chemo first as my cancer was quite big – hope she is kicking ass too :-)

  7. Jan says:

    That´s lovely news, Dee!!! And keep on fighting!