January sick and tired you’ve been hanging on me – name that tune!

So whose old enough to name that tune?   ……… if you remember you must be the same vintage as me.   Good vintage of course like a fine wine ripening with age :-)    Jesus it’s a long month isn’t it? keep thinking it’s nearly over and then realise nearly another two weeks to go!

Last weekend we had Rebecca’s birthday party with 12 of her friends.  They had a brilliant time and we had it outside the house so wasnt too much hassle for me.  Party was at 1.30 and she was awake from 9 asking every five minutes how long more was left.  They had great craic and it ended up in a disco.  The music was great and even had a bop ha ha how life has changed dancing at a six-year olds birthday party is my only social life.  Must say was wrecked after it felt a bit woozy after my turn on the dance floor so was glad to get home and put the feet up.

So where was I in relation to this bastard cancer?  Last time was telling you about the new chemo I had and will be having over the next nine weeks.  This chemo seems to be okay – however that is I think because I am over the worst of it now.  I wonder sometimes when I feel sick and then come out of it did I really feel sick at all?  I think it’s a woman thing you know the way we don’t like to complain about our illnesses :-)    Monday and Tuesday were fairly awful days I must say nearly every bone in my body was in pain, this particular chemo is known to attack your bones and I swear I could feel the poison eating into me.  Did’nt do a martyr trick on Monday or Tuesday listened to my body and basically spent both days in bed apart from getting up in morning to get the kids sorted.   Last weekend basically got shag all sleep which seems to be happening most nights now and it drives me mad.

Now I am in great spirits apart from the fact that I am very bored, can’t sleep and really want to do stuff and not able to as have to take care of myself this middle week.  Have done great so far not to have caught a cold or bad infection so want to keep that record up.  I live my social life through my friends now and see what they get up to.  Did partake in a glass or two of vino last night and must say it tasted great and caught up with loads of people on Facebook and listened to some good tunes so not a bad ole night was had by myself :-)

Big week for me next week – MRI on Monday, back in the big machine hopefully not Stairway to Heaven this time :-)   Wednesday back in the boob sandwich maker for a Mammogram and on Friday meet up with my surgeon to get all the results.  What I am hoping for is that the tumour has shrunk as they had hoped and that all is going according to plan.   Friday will be a big day and I feel positive that its going to be good news but need all your good vibes along with me as well.  So once again folks whoever it is that listens to you please have a chat with them and wish me all the luck for Friday morning.

Going out on Saturday night, yeehaaaaaa first nite out since the Christmas party night.  A friend of mine Karen is having a fancy dress 40th Birthday Party – and wow must say when Karen and Andrew do parties they do them well – can’t wait should be great craic and I will be in flying form for it.   Need your help though not too sure what to go as – what do you reckon?

What should I go to the Fancy Dress as?

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Have a small favour to ask if you have a spare minute.  A lady, Emer Hynes Denton who I connected with recently through this blog and Facebook kindly put my name forward for a competition. I was chosen as one of the 13 finalists.  The competition is for a New Year New You and suppose should be New Boob :-) complete makeover, including styling, hair, spa break, style consultancy and loads of lovely hair and beauty products. Folks would love to win this prize am currently heading the field at the moment :-)   If you get a chance please pop over to www.dolledup.ie/competition you need to register on the site then you will be able to vote for me – thanks in advance.  The hair makeover could be an interesting one :-)

Good things that happened this week

  • Emer nominated me for the Competition
  • Got lovely bouquet of Chocolate Flowers – thanks Lorraine and Ali
  • From Wednesday on I felt good
  • Had a lovely Chinese and glass of vino last night

Thats it folks – not much news really this week but felt like writing anyhow – have a brilliant weekend and don’t behave :-) and remember………..

We are not here for a Long Time we are here for a Good Time

In case you dont know who sang it :-)

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35 Responses to January sick and tired you’ve been hanging on me – name that tune!

  1. Big week this week for you, best of luck. Will go and vote now. Sinead O’Connor gets my vote for fancy dress :-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Best of luck next week hon, will be thinking of you and will talk to you before that. Have gone over and voted for you, you way ahead :-) Can we vote more than once, cause if we can I’ll do it a 100 times cause you so deserve a treat like that!!! Sinead O’COnnor gets a vote from me too. See you soon hon xxx

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s Anne here Dee that posted that comment, don’t know why it came up as Anonymous, but you know me and technology!!

  4. Nancy says:

    Best of luck next week Dee, I’ll be thinking of you and will say a prayer or two for you!! I have a gut feeling it’ll be good news xx.
    Sinead O’Connor gets my vote!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Best of luck next week positive vibes being sent your way

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sinead O’Connor !!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Best of luck next week dee stay positive Catherine

  8. Emer Hynes Denton says:

    Best of luck Deirdre for the week ahead, sounds like it’s going to be a challenging one ;( Will be thinking of you particularly on Friday and will be in touch on FB.
    Going really good in the competition so we’ll have to redouble our efforts before the end of January! :-)
    Sinead O’Connor gets my vote for you for the 40th fancy dress party ;-) xx

    • Deirdre says:

      Hi Emer thanks a million – yep still in good running of the competion will start pushing it even more torwards the end of it have a goodfew people to tip and get them to do it!!

  9. Therese says:

    Best of luck Dee, will be thinking of you x

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sinead O Connor as a priest !!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Best of luck dee with next week. It will be an anxious week but im sure it will be good news.This month is long and bit miserable when feeling well so it adds to ur bad day but bright evenings and payday is on the way.(1 week later than I thought mind u!)
    Sinead o connor in priest outfit. Whats hubby going as? Im sure u, marge simpson and the incredible hulk will have a great night. Cant wait to c the photos!
    Good to have u back on the blog again.x

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bte dee that previous comnent is from siobhan pullan. Dont know why name didnt come up. Ill vote for u now too x

  13. Jackie McEwan says:

    Hi Dee, it’s the Mohican for me….can’t stand that o’connor woman…..all that snivelling over a bloody man….I’ve made an executive decision and decided that since it’s bloody freezing and a foot of snow, I am staying in bed….Al has just brought me tea and toast, so that’s my Sunday sorted. All the best for Monday….the McEwan clan are sending very positive vibes about the results…they will be good, no question. Lots of love Jackie xxx. PS. I have voted…..good luck…think it’s in the bag. Xx

  14. Anonymous says:

    best wishes for this week Dee. sending all things positive and no better way to start your weekend with a fancy dress party. looks like sinead is winning ;)

  15. Lucie says:

    Hope the week goes well dee thinking of you big time we all send our love I think sinead is the way to go you have got the beauty and the voice so start warming it up xxxxx

  16. Anonymous says:

    Best of luck next week, fuck cancer!

  17. Helen Halpin says:

    Deirdre your doing a great job. Lots of admiration for ya. Will be thinking of ya this week. Please god goes really well. Presently winning the competition for makeover. Can share that as well on FB? Very deserving.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Put your best kickin’ boots on for Friday Dee! Lots of luck, be thinking about you.
    You should dress as Kojak and Sinead O Connor’s love child on Sat night!
    Who loves ya baby!!

  19. Sarah says:

    Hope the sandwich maker wasn’t too cruel on you – good luck tomorrow! Sarah