Good Luck and Thanks 2012 – Welcome 2013

Well Happy New Year to you all and lets hope 2013 is going to be good to each and every one of us.  Havent written in a while lets face it not the most cheerful thing to be reading over Christmas the antics of a cancer chick :-)

Must say this is one Christmas I was glad to see the back of.  Unfortunately on Christmas week was feeling fairly lousy.  Christmas Eve we did the annual trip to Mass and the place was jammers and we were there early (well five minutes early)  Managed to push my way through the crowds and make it to the top of the church (shouting “I have cancer” got me through the crowds quicker) ;-)   A nice lady squeezed over in the pew and let me sit down thank God the place was roasting.  Was a lovely mass and great kids singing and managed to not pass out even though felt like it a few times.   Then went to my Brother and Sister in Laws house for a Christmas drink I had a glass of beer shandy then just pure 7UP!

Got all the pressies, stockings, santa sacks ready for the kids and prayed they would go asleep it wasnt til 1am it was safe enough to do everything but we did and all was in place. Poured myself a lovely glass of white wine to celebrate but half way through gave up the battle and threw it out…….yuck the taste.

Kids had a ball in the morning with all their toys and they were delighted with everything I managed to be as cheerful as possible and smile as much as I could.  We then packed up and went to my sister’s house for the day.  Philip cooked up a storm of a dinner was absolutely fabulous and enjoyed every morsel of it.  Dinner over decided to relax on the couch and immediately fell asleep for an hour or so I got a rug thrown over me, looked like Sick Sally or Peig Sayers.   Was a lovely day and it was great to see all the kids together and of course be with my Sis xx

The rest of Christmas week was more or less the same but had some lovely days with family members.  Then a lot of doing nothing and not feeling too great.  Managed to get an infection so had to go to docs and get bloods done and am just finished the antibiotics now.  However nothing wrong with temperature thank God had visions of me singing Auld Langs Zyne with the staff of St Vincents.

New Years Eve got an invitation from a friend in Clane to go down to their house to ring in the New Year – happy days going to someone elses house was really looking forward to it.  We were all set to go and the little one got sick a few times…….ewwww poor her and then of course worried I would get sick too which would mean a hospital.   The others went to the party and I stayed at home with her felt so sorry for her she kept saying can we go to the party tomorrow!  An hour later hubby came home with another sick child for me – yipeee!  He went back to the party for a little while – then it all got too much one puking and one crying so rang him to come home.  So that was my New Years Eve, horrible night the clock struck twelve no sign of a carriage and absolutely no fun.

The good news is am feeling much better now this is my good week.  Get nuked again on Thursday and to be honest am dreading it.  The last chemo was so bloody depressing it was the worst so far.   Am on a new drug from the next four sessions a drug called Taxol so wondering how my body will cope with it.  Some of the side effects including losing the sensation in your feet and hands and your toe nails fall out – yuck hope I am the exception to the rule.  Still hanging on to my eyebrows :-)

Have some very important tests coming on the 21st January I have an MRI and on the 23rd January I have a mammogram.   These will show how much the cancer has shrunk and how effective the chemo is.   I have everything crossed that the results will be really good and maybe if they are might be able to skip one or two chemos (thats me just hoping).  Due to finish chemo mid-March,  then operation mid-April to get rid of Cancerous Chloe then have to do Radiotherapy probably for around 20-30 rounds after that.  The Radiotherapy is done as a preventative method to try and ensure the cancer does not come back.  A couple of months after that hopefully will get my new boob (not sure what to call her yet any ideas?) and Floppy Fiona seemingly gets a makeover too and this is all done through a tummy tuck that’s how it works.

I go into 2013 with as much positivity and spirit that I have always had however am feeling a little jaded with it all.   Its onwards and upwards with Kicking the Shite out of Cancer and boxing gloves are still on and you guys are still with me helping me through this which I am so grateful for.

Good things that have happened since we last spoke

  • My baby Rebecca turned six yesterday
  • Had a lovely two days with BFF Grainne in Wexford and got spoilt rotten
  • Got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from an old neighbour of mind Marie McGarvey
  • Got a really cool speaker for Christmas which streams music its great!
  • Bought myself a juicer so far so good trying to get healthier
  • Back to normality with kids etc. tomorrow
  • Have nearly 1000 people on the Kicking the Shite out of Cancer Facebook Page - that’s cool!
  • Still basking in all the support you guys are giving me please keep it up really means so much to me and keeps me going.

Thats All Folks I wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year with plenty of fun, health and happiness.

Dee xx

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36 Responses to Good Luck and Thanks 2012 – Welcome 2013

  1. Therese says:

    Happy New Year, hope all your wishes come true x

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy new year dee, keep going strong. I know it’s not easy to keep it up all the time. X

  3. Lorraine says:

    This time next year you will be writing about the wild and wacky new year’s eve you had! You are doing great – hang in there; many positive thoughts and prayers being sent your way, especially for great results from your MRI and mammogram. And how about “Fabulous Fox” for a name? Good thing Floppy Fiona will be having some work done otherwise she might be jealous :-)

    • Deirdre says:

      Hi Lorraine yeah I reckon Floppy Fiona could have been a bit put out if she werent the same height!! Fabulous Fox I like it!!! Thanks for vibes, prayers and wishes am catching them all here xxxx

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stay positive hope all goes well for you

  5. Anonymous says:

    This will be your year to cleanse ur body for the new you for the next 40plus years…healthier,stronger and fitter and never to repeat…happy 2013..a tough journey but with a positive ending.x

  6. Dee, how about Betty boob or patsy perty!! half way there now Dee, methinks Jan 21st Will bring good news! I want invite to celebration party next year!

  7. Angela Moore says:

    Happy New Year lovely lady – here’s to all your positive news in 2013 x

  8. Marian Deasy says:

    Happy New Year Dee, you are still an inspiration to all of us, will be keeping you in my thoughts & prayers for what it’s worth, believe in the good karma x x

  9. Happy new year Dee, I look forward to your posts
    You are so positive. I hope 2013 is your year
    and all your wishes come through. Lots of love

  10. Jackie McEwan says:

    Well a new pair of jugs for 2013!!! what about pinky and perky! I too spent Hogmanay with a sick child, although at 20 she is hardly a child, but god that girl can puke….all night and most of new years day…Alan had man flu, so there I was making hot drinks for one and holding the other ones hair so it didn’t get sicked on!! Loving the hat Dee, the girls look georgeous, you’re a real trooper and better things are definitely ahead, so keep that big smile on your face and here’s to a year full of love, laughter and health. Love Jackie xx

  11. June says:

    Happy New Year Dee & Happy new You for 2013. Absolutely love your blogs u are an inspiration to all women. Sending u love and light in your dark moments.June xxx

  12. Helen Halpin says:

    Deirdre happy new year. please god this year will see the end of cancer and new and wonderful beginning for you.

  13. Helen G says:

    Happy New Year gorgeous x

    (How about Feisty Fiona & Energetic Emer?)

  14. Jan says:

    Hello Dee and Happy new year! I hope this will be a really good year for you and your lovely family. Give Rebecca a big hug from me, she is getting a Big Girl now! She will get a present next time we meet! Take care! / Jan

  15. Suzanne Browne says:

    Hi Dee – sounds like you have great family and pals around you. I have everything crossed for your test results later this month. Keep those gloves on babe! Love Sue xxx

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’ll stop you there Dee I also have my eyebrows after 4 Chemo’s yahoo!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Totally missed this on Sunday – Lovely blog as always! Well done Dee for getting over Christmas and all the antics! Cheers to 2013 being a healthy one and I salute your amazing spirit! Maybe Newbie Nuala?…has the ring of Lubie Lu! Love to you all in Clane xxx Sinead BQ

  18. I laughed out loud when I read about you shouting in the church “I have cancer!” to get to the front. Use those cancer perks while you can! During my own chemo, I had 4 rounds of Taxol. If it makes you feel better, my nails never fell out. They just got a little warped, and then they grew out and they’re normal. I did experience some neuropathy. I have permanent numbness in the pads of a few fingers and thumbs. My big toes also. I usually don’t even notice it and when I do, it’s not a big deal. Mildly annoying at best. You may have my experience or even better. Let’s hope!

    • Deirdre says:

      Hi Eileen can feel a little twinge already in both big toes if I walk around too much!! Apart from that so far so good – glad your enjoying the blog loved reading yours this morning and will put a link up to it on my site too :-)