Gotta Love a Doctor Who Tells you to Party!

Right in position, upstairs in my newly decorated light grey, white with purple trimmings room (some things in life have to stay the same can’t write this blog anywhere else but in my leaba).  Cup of coffee beside me along with my angels and buddha and all those other lovely nice things I now have.

Trying to think what I have been up to that I can actually tell you about ;-) since I last wrote.  Well as you know I never made it to the ball the week before last due to cancer and phew I just about made it this week.

Before I tell you that must remember to tell you about my shopping trip.  Monday I think it was I decided to go out and try find a new “frock” for a Christmas night out I was having with some business friends I have here in Kildare.   This is a group of local business people I am involved with who are seriously good craic and we always have a great night out.  Off to Maynooth shopping centre I went (think I mentioned before I am not a good shopper just want to get in and out and buy something and then relax and have coffee). Had been into a few shops and was getting pretty stressed and bored taking on and off dresses that were lets just put it not suitable :-)    Anyhow was in one shop and got one size that didn’t fit the young assistant was being very helpful and I asked her for another size which she kindly went and got for me.  When taking off first dress (now you have to visualise this) wig came off with the dress just as I was returning to a standing position as dress was hard to get off the assistant kindly came in and gave me the other size.    I sort of went “Oh My God I am really sorry” as I think I scared the living daylights out of her she first saw me with a head of hair and next time totally bald.  Think she was mortified and sort of quickly left me in peace.   Jesus it was so funny then had to go out and explain to her that I had cancer etc.etc. I think she sort of saw the funny side of it when I wasnt embarrassed about it.

Anyhow got my dress was looking forward to Friday night out (first night out in months) then woke up with a head cold.  When doing chemo a cold can turn very nasty and you could end up hospitalised if it turned into something else.  Spent the first hour or so googling it to see if I really had to be sensible and stay at home.  Rang the hospital and they said to go down to the docs and get it checked out then like a four-year old said “do you still think I can go to my Christmas night out” think the nurse thought I was a nutter she told me to “ask the doctor”.  In the meantime I decided (all by myself) that the right thing to do would be to stay at home and not risk it.  I was so proud of myself as I tell you folks one thing in life I am not, is sensible.  Texted two friends and said won’t make it yadda yadda yadda.  Off to the docs with me,  played the cancer card told them I was in chemo and if I could get seen to straight away it would be appreciated – no problem waltzed in.   Doc checked me out, no temperature, no problem with throat, no problem with ears and most important no problem with chest.  Told me didn’t need any prescription was only just a common cold (you know the one that men get and call it flu?).   Again I asked somewhat coyly “do you think then that I shouldnt go to my Christmas night out?”  she said “why would you not go?  if you are feeling well go for it, go out and enjoy yourself you have to have a life too”.  Well I tell you I skipped out of that surgery texted mates and told them GAME ON!!!

Had a fantastic night around 20 of us went to Dinner and Drinks in the Kilashee House Hotel. I had bought two wigs for the laugh one a bright pink one and the other like a Miss Piggy one and brought them along.  They were well received after a few drinks with plenty of catwalks done by the lads unfortunately phone had gone dead by that stage so no pics only one of me and Anne :-)   Damien hope your enjoying the pink wig would say it goes great with a pair of silver stilettoes!!  It felt absolutely wonderful to be out and it was great to see and chat to all these people.  Usually I meet them once a week and we have a great time (as well as good business of course) so was  brilliant to be out with them and the craic was 90!! Not sure what time the Doctor had in mind for me to go home at but put it this way the pumpkin carriage left well before me!

Next day……mmmmmmmm little tired so thought I deserved an extremely long lie in (due to my cold of course).  Had terrible runny eyes as well seemingly this is another lovely effect of chemo.  The kids told me I looked like a bunny rabbit with the state of my eyes thought it was funny the FIRST time!!!   Had a very easy day.

Yesterday had lovely lunch with my family in the local hotel.  A lot of young kids with us but only one stabbing with a fork from a two-year old to a three-year old (minimal blood) so all in all for us bunch not a bad outcome!

Next round of poison due on Thursday morning :-( pretty crappy timing for Christmas but you can’t win em all.   All shopping was done from my laptop and leaba in my dismal days over the last couple of weeks – can’t remember half the stuff I bought.  Did buy a lot of things from Ebay (all Irish sellers of course) and a lot of online stuff from Irish Arts and Crafts small business  people.

Good things that happened this week

  • Ger called up with a lovely Christmas basket from himself and Anne
  • The lovely Soraya sent me some amazing candles thanks so much
  • Received a parcel of amazingly gorgeous cookies from the lovely Anne Marie
  • Nearly got Christmas shopping done even if I don’t remember what half of it is
  • Finished by bedroom my new haven
  • The lovely Ger Mullen-Carrol brought the kids to see Santa in the magical Lullymore where there is indoor and outdoor fun.  The little one saw a pig and asked Ger if it could lay a sausage for her!

Hope your all enjoying the Silly Season and not behaving yourself one bit!  Until we meet again Adios Amigos

Dee xx


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15 Responses to Gotta Love a Doctor Who Tells you to Party!

  1. Cathy Dowling says:

    Happy Christmas to you and yours you are doing great glad you enjoyed the party may there be many more to come xxxx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fair play Deirdre glad you got to go out and enjoy yourself. Hope you feel ok by Monday/Tuesday. Have a great one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You do right going out and having fun, if bloody cancer teaches you one thing it’s that haha, hope tomorrow goes well and you are feeling ok xx

  4. Anonymous says:

    Above from Hilary davis

  5. Michael Russell says:

    Fair play to you Dee going to the party I’m sure you had a great time….and some might consider Christmas shopping in bed with the laptop a much better way than trekking around the shops ;)

  6. Jackie McEwan says:

    Hi Dee, glad that you are doing your thing, tell you what, you are looking fantastic, sorry I haven’t posted for a while….too busy spending Alan’s cash….Caitlin is home from uni and already driving us both crazy, not that she is home much. We are having friends over from oz so it will be busy and fun, hope that you have a good Christmas and that New Year brings health and happiness in bucket loads. Lots of love Jackie, Alan and Caitlin xxx

  7. Deirdre says:

    Hi Cathriona thanks a million I believe you are working with my brother – small world!! Thursday was fine long day but its over now so now its time to enjoy Christmas have a lovely one xx

  8. Ewa Ohlsson Varanda says:

    Love, kisses and healing to you Dee❤