Baldy Fun Fashion Shoot and Manic Monday

Swear to God sometimes I don’t know whats harder in life having cancer or trying to get three kids up and ready for school.  Had to stay up til 1am last night waiting for the eldest to come home she was at the Gaiety a friend of hers was performing so was a real treat.   After hollering at her for around fifteen minutes she managed it down the stairs and dressed with ten minutes to go for her lift.  Then it was “Mammy can you sign my notebook saying that I didn’t do my Home Economics homework” I said why didn’t you do it – she said “well I usually do it on Sundays and you brought me shopping then I had to go to the Gaiety so when did I have the chance to do it”   KIDS……….

The other two were then dragged out of bed and orders were given for Spongebob, Breakfast and a glass of water (by the little one) Maggie was just in a daze and took ten minutes to put her uniform on.  Was really losing the plot – defo going to be late.  Had done all the lunches (with the five food groups of course…..)   Nearly there, nearly there might even make it on time – Bobbins, where the fuck are the Bobbins – these things will be the death of me and they are not allowed in school with hair down.   Right found the bobbins delighted with myself next thing was where was Maggie’s schoolbag?  Couldnt find it anywhere in the house reckoned she left it in O’Briens on Friday after school rang them and yes they had her bag!  Nearly there two kids (with Bobbins) one with bag, one with just lunch and both had right clothes and shoes on.   Ten minutes to school time picked up the bag en route needless to say there were a few minutes late.  It’s so ridiculous how small things can make mornings go belly up and don’t get me started on odd socks – went to Pennys one day last year and bought 12 packs of socks, five in each pack so that’s 60 pairs of socks.  The method in my madness was that’s 12 pairs of each design with five designs surely even I couldn’t go wrong with this.  Obviously most of them have gone to sock heaven and its time for “stocking up” again :-)

Havent written in a while and was thinking I usually write the blog when in bed.  So had a brain wave, kettle on, two lovely ham and cheese crusty rolls so off to bed with me to write this.  Love being cosy during the day, the house is in a heap and unfinished painted room that I am supposed to finish, however way nicer sitting here writing :-)    Hey I’m sick I’m allowed do these things I tell myself :-)

My Healing Angel

Whats been happening since I last wrote?  Not much cancer wise thank God no more chemo and have been feeling pretty good now for the last week no sickness or nausea at all sleeping like a log and have energy!  I sleep with my healing angel beside me thanks Dairiona she is helping me sleep like a log!  Can handle this chemo if first 10 days are fairly yuck (you don’t feel sick you don’t feel well and you just sort of drag yourself around the place) but 10 days out of 20 that’s not too bad.   People have it way worse, a lot of people have warned me that Chemo number three is meant to be pretty tough as your system is getting used to having that poison in you and that I will be very tired etc.   I’m ready I have loads of box sets, warm slippers, pjs and wooly robe and a couch with my name on it, fire will be lighting and a few candles (no wine) and Bobs your Uncle.   Next round Thursday bring it on – after this only five left.

A friend of mine Elaine Laverty who is a photographer said she would gladly give up her time for this blog and do a photo shoot - happy days :-)   Love fun things like this.  We met in my folks house and we had a great old-time.  My parents just think I am losing the plot asked them could I use their house for photo-shoot my Father said OK – what sort of photos I said whacky head ones – think they were just afraid I was gonna get naked again :-)   Elaine took some great shots and you can see them all in The Photo Gallery   Thanks again Elaine was very good of you to do this was a great day and I had a ball :-)

Really loving when the postman calls these days as I am so lucky people keep sending me lovely pressies - woohooo.   The list is growing so large its unreal so hopefully I am not missing out anyone.    I would say the post office is cursing me as most things don’t fit through the letter box so they have to drive up with the parcel – ah country living don’t think that happens in Dublin – does it?  People are so thoughtful with their gifts like the lovely one from my friend Lucie in Sweden – a lovely really soft grey cardigan to keep me warm (my God-Daughter Grace said that “we have to keep Auntie Dee warm” how cute is that and plenty of lovely Swedish chocolate and sweets which got devoured in minutes.  Today I got the cutest bouquet of chocolate flowers – never seen anything like it they are so cute – this was from Alvy a great friend and of course Dave and Eric – thanks a million Alvy you made my day.   They look so nice am not going to eat the chocolates or let the kids know that they are chocolates.

Went and did a bit of shopping with the girls yesterday – they love shopping – to be honest I am not a fan of shopping I shop when I have no clothes left and wandering around a shopping centre is not usually my idea of fun.    The kids were on coud nine we had Christmas songs on in the car (after 30 minutes they were wrecking all our heads).  Had something to eat first they were all hungry went to lovely coffee shop none of them hardly ate anything AHHHHHHH……    So on to the shops great when kids get older really makes shopping easier they had a ball Mammy, Mammy, Mammy what about this, what about that, can I get this pleeeeeaasssseeee.  Told them on way in could get an outfit each of course I gave in as always and they are got some lovely stuff :-) Mammy got a new beanie!

They are good kids thanked me for bringing them and were appreciative I love seeing that in kids, give kids treats all the time then nothing is a treat.

Good Things that have happened

  • Another friend of mine went for a Mammogram and all clear
  • 22 Women have now taken action after reading this blog – cooooollll
  • Had a lovely long lunch with old school friend Dairiona (she’s not old she is an old friend if you know what I mean :-)
  • Didnt get a parking fine when I went shopping
  • Meeting good friends to-night for a drink – the girls who did the Run in the Park for me – looking forward to it girls
  • Had my first Chinese Take-Out in two months - man it was to die for
  • Have been enjoying tasting coffee and had a few glasses of wine on Friday and they tasted delicious too

Well folks thanks for reading as always and for your continued support without it this battle would be way harder and for that I thank my lucky stars!

Now I suppose I better get my ass out of bed and sort this place out ……. yawwwnnnnn



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8 Responses to Baldy Fun Fashion Shoot and Manic Monday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the photoshoot Dee. You rock!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Deirdre you are more than an inspiration!! I’ll be sharing your blog with my Young Women’s Support Group here in Sydney, about 45 girls under 40 kicking the absolute shite out of Breast Cancer!!……. they will love it and love you!! Keep the faith always!! Nora xx

  3. Helen Gardner says:

    My favourite is the bottom shot – it shows the cheeky Dee that I know. Eyebrows look slightly better groomed these days too ;) . Hx

  4. Jackie McEwan says:

    Hi Dee, well I am loving the red Indian headress shot…rocking a bit of the Kate Moss vibe there…sorry I haven’t posted for a bit….busy organising Alan 50th birthday party which is this Sunday coming….50 going on 12. Wish you could be there…we are having loads of drink and a karaoke…..which should be…..interesting as most of the people we know couldn’t hold a tune in a bucket…..but they can all drink….so lets just all count our blessings!!! We will raise a glass or three to you and better days ahead….love jackie xxx