Pulling My Hair Out!

All I ever seem to do is relax here I am again lounging on my bed on a Saturday afternoon lovely day again gonna go for a nice walk later up in Donadea Forest.  Me and walking dont have a great love affair but am trying to do a little bit each day.  I park the car on the road now that’s an extra few steps everyday – “every little helps” :-)

Been a very busy week had friends over from Sweden (8 of them) it was really great to see them and very nice of them to come visit.  Went out for a lovely meal on two of the nights and I was feeling good – even had some wine – not quite sure what he tasted like but it hit the spot anyhow.   Things were getting a little hectic as they were staying next door so there was a lot of tooing and froing but on Monday they booked into the local hotel and it was calmer and they loved the hotel!   So thanks for coming to visit Jan, Karin, Carina, Joakim, Emil, Daniel, Frida and Felicia!

Well they said I would start losing my hair day 10 after chemo.  On day 11 was thinking mmmm maybe not happening to me…..then decided to do a bit of pulling to see and it started coming out.   Must say it was the second worst thing to happen to me after being told I had cancer!   Even though I knew it would happen when it actually starts it’s a shock.  Took myself upstairs lay down on the bed and had a good old cry (not weeping) just little silent tears falling down.   After around 30 minutes of that realised it wasnt doing me any good so got up, got dressed and met friends for dinner!  We raised our glasses to Dee’s Hair!!  Puts a whole knew meaning on hair of the dog!

As always people were great telling me it will grow back etc.etc. (am a bit sick of that line) I know it will grow back but it’s not really any comfort :-)    At my very young age I am really lucky in the fact that I have no grey hairs – was really worried that my new hair would grow back grey and probably curly – ewwww don’t think I could manage that.  I have been assured by hairdresser and good friend Darina that it will indeed grow back the same colour – so that is gggggggreat.

Friend of mine Sinead said it would be a great idea to go into Government House and meet some of the TDs and say I am pulling my hair out with this Government!   Maybe for once we would see some of our fine politicians speechless.

Having hair falling out really had its advantages around Halloween.   Cheeky kids got more than they bargained for in their sweet bags :-)   Party piece was pulling hair out for kids friends :-) Fierce posh in our house only house on the street that was playing Pin the Donkey with real hair!!

Managed work this week no problem at all long day was tired but not sick.  Thanks to Mia I came home to a very clean house and my dinner ready to be cooked (a nice healthy one) kids didn’t know what hit them when Mia started firing orders.  Maggie said to me that Mia told her to make her bed, she said I don’t sleep there I sleep with Katie, Mia said I don’t care make it anyway!!  :-)    They were fuelled on by the thoughts of cash however they will have to wait til next time!  Amazing what they will do for cash its my new parenting trick.  Mam I want €2 sure no problem what you gonna do for it?  Works all the time and get little jobs done and lets face it would have given them the €2 anyhow so might as well get something for it :-)

Anyway back to my hair – seriously am so sexy going to bed these nights with a swimming hat on my head – couldn’t find my goggles and arm bands!   It’s seriously falling out now and its disgusting have it tied up when not in sexy swimming cap.

Right that’s it time for it to go!   Monday am booked in for the big shave with lovely hairdresser Hatim from HS Wig Centre in Drommartin (DejaVu).  Hatim has been fantastic and if anyone of you ladies out there that have breast cancer (I know there are quite a few that read this blog) if you are in need of some TLC and someone who understands hair and more importantly what you are going through give Hatim a shout.  Booked in Monday for the big chop sister Mia is coming with me (aka Tiny Tears) not sure who will have more tears her or me!   Nope I aint gonna cry (well not there anyhow) Mia will take some shots of me getting shaved and the new hair style – not hair style – head style.  Hatim will then fit on my new lovely wig and do any adjustments that need to be done so goodbye hair dryers, GHDs, shampoos and conditioners wont be needing you for a while!!   Going out for lunch with Mam and Mia afterwards.

That’s it folks Monday will be a bad hair day then Thursday its time to get nuked again in Vincents.   Don’t mind the thoughts of having the chemo just not looking forward to the week after it if its anything like the first week after the last one which it will be :-(

Good News - a friend of mine Afric Bolger is having a fundraiser in her house for me – woohoo how cool is that – XFactor Final Night and is inviting 20 people – seriously thanks a million Afric and really hope am well enough to go to it

Good News - Simone came up with more goodies for me yesterday some lovely room scents really cool smell all around the house now!

Good News - Getting a tax refund instead of owing them this year :-) scary when you actually see on paper the tax you pay and that bloody USC its a joke!   Thank you bankers and business people.   Wonder what Quinn will be having on Christmas Day?  Would love to see Fitzy in with him!

Good News - sis Mia is having a coffee morning/fund-raiser for me in the next few weeks – if you want a hand with any baking Mia – no problem am a dab hand at it :-)

Good News – I am alive, healthy, sun is shining, its Saturday and I am feeling good!! I so appreciate feeling good these days.

Thanks again to you all you’re a great bunch and getting a great buzz out of writing this blog and its great when I get feedback as I know people are reading it :-)




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14 Responses to Pulling My Hair Out!

  1. Hi Dee my sister michelle was telling me about ur blog so i sat down the other night and read it all i just wanted to say I absolutely love the fact that you still have such a sense of humour throughout this horrible time, i suppose the saying ‘if you don’t laugh you’ll cry’ really applies here! Fair play to ya for sharing ur story with everyone. Good luck on Monday :) Claire x

    • deefed says:

      Hi Claire thanks a million for stopping by and for reading the Blog – yeah its defo if you dont laugh you will cry thing – so having a laugh about it is good for the soul!!! Cheers Dee x

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant as usual Dee. Keep the head & chin up. If you feel like a little cry let it out. Will be thinking of you in Monday. M xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    Geez Dee – sounds like you are up for a Hairy week! Good luck xxx

  4. Jackie McEwan says:

    Hi Dee…..so you’re saying goodbye to bad hair days…….the possibilities are endless……are you going for a Tina Turner….Dolly Parton…Mad Afro….achey breakey heart mullet…that weird hairdo that Tammy Wynette had…or a Jedward….who knows……you are doing so well Dee….love Jackie

  5. Michelle Waters says:

    Best of luck tomorrow Dee… Ill b thinking of you :-) xx