Yippee first one done – seven to go!!!

Well my first day of Chemo is now behind me and I am on my road to recovery which makes me very happy.

Day started 6.30 usual mad getting three kids ready for school and myself.  Hit the road around 7.45 to be in folks for “taxi” to Vincents.  Of course huge delays on the M50 so was little delayed and folks had metre running when I hopped out.

Checked into St Annes Ward waiting room – around 10 people in there to be honest most of them looked really sick.   However that has nothing to do with anything,  just an observation I suppose the next time I go there they might say the same about me.

Anyhow was brought into Chemo room and given my (don’t know the word) the thing in the hand that the IV goes through (will come to me in a few weeks).  There was around 12 people in the Chemo room loads of smiling faces and eyes full of encouragement towards me when I sat up on the chair.   Was told to take a seat – there was big armchairs or more like sitting chairs – being first time I took the sitting chairs – didn’t realise would have to stay in it.  However (always an upside) I got the view of the Dublin Mountains and a glimpse of the Sugar Loaf – thought this was very symbolic  – one beautiful majestic peak full of beauty and will be there for mankind to enjoy for years to come – and one peak being zapped with drugs to ensure that the owner too would be around for years to come (and hey if mankind wants to enjoy me – not complaining!!)

My Mam then came in and took a small seat behind me and we chatted for around 30 mins then she went off to get me coffee – came back had a chat for another hour then I was called to the high chair to get my first Chemo drug (the first IV was anti-sickness – oh yeah baby I will take loads of that)   The kindly nurse asked me who was the person I was talking to and in around about way said she wasnt really allowed in here – so anyhow told her there was no room which was no bother and she went back to the waiting room.  To be honest I didn’t really want anyone with me but she is my Mammy and I love her to bits and I am her baby and she loves me to bits and she wanted to be with me.  I was so delighted that she did come it was nice to know that there was someone with me – so this way I got best of both worlds.

My Mam popped back in with another cappuccino and lovely chocolate fudge thing.  The nurse did say we would be getting a sambo between 11 and 1pm – it was 1.15 and no sign of the sambos so munched the fudge.  Two mins later a sambo trolley came in – a good old salad egg mayonnaise sandwiches which was just totally delicious to me!!

The kindly nurse had to hand administer the first treatment of the chemo.  When she first put it in not sure what happened I literally jumped and she got more of a shock than me! It was a wee bit sore and so cold – but all okay after.   Thirty minutes later my next treatment came along and that was IV.   Chatted to a lovely lady for around 20 mins was her first chemo first but she had already had a mastectomy and radiation and she was in great form she was on her last part of it.

You could easily tell if people wanted to chat or not.  There were quite a lot of men in there, two older men who literally never made eye contact with anyone – another young guy as well.   Two funny Dublin ladies have great craic at the end of it.  People are in there to concentrate on getting better and if you feel like chatting you do and if you don’t you don’t.  Can see from day one that everyone respects each others privacy which is great.  Sometimes its nice just enjoying your own company and taking it all in – both your recovery thoughts and the drugs!

I did ask them when I was on my last IV would they mind if I took a photograph of them all for my blog :-) :-)

Back to the folks was feeling fine couple of hours later got extremely tired and a bit nauseous and went to bed for an hour.  Then went to Chemist with Mam to get my anti-sickness drugs (which I take for three days).  Also met my hairdresser and tried on my wig – pretty bloody cool  he was great – that’s Hatim from DeJaVu in Drommartin.

Hubby came home and picked me up we had a huge feast in my parents house, chop, potatoes and carrots :-)

So all in all feel good about the day felt little sick earlier with nausea – bit like the Sunday night feeling after a night out the night before, its 10pm your still on the couch and thinking crap – where are all the uniforms and do I have anything for their lunch!

“Me” day planned tomorrow Mairead my lovely sister-in-law and Niall my Shiny Shoes brother are giving me a hand so gonna have a real relaxing day.

Must say once again all you lovely people encouraging me means so damn much to my mental positivity it’s just brilliant.  A round of applause to you all and a big hand.


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18 Responses to Yippee first one done – seven to go!!!

  1. Nancy says:

    Dee glad it all went well for you. I went to the friary and lit a candle for you, so between the candle and the Chemo you should be glowing in the dark by now. Wish i could do something for you! maybe when we move to our new house i could take the kids here for a weekend!! i would love to do that! Hope your feeling good ! <3 xxx

    • deefed says:

      Thanks Nancy Sr Anne would have been proud of all the candles especially one from you lighting around Ireland and if I may boast a little further afrield for me today – I had so many candles lighting it woke me up early!!! Are you Vincents on Wednesday? I am working in Mount Street that day maybe I could pop up or you could pop down for a quick cuppa! Thanks a million for kind offer for the kids – but seriously wouldnt like to wreck your new gaff!!!

  2. William whelan says:

    Dont think I know you, well done on being so positive about everything, I am enjoying your blog so much its unreal, sorry if that sounds corny, I have a very good feeling about you and your cancer and just know that everthing is going to work out for you, best of luck…..

    • deefed says:

      Hi there thanks a million for the reply. Its great getting replies as then you know people are reading it – and how cool is it that people want to read what I type. Your good vibes are very welcome – thanks a million

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dee, good to hear that all went well for you today and also that your Mum was in with you. Nancy, if Dee decides to send her babies on a vacation to Kilkenny and if you need a spare pair of hands to mind them you can count me in, would love to spend a weekend entertaining them or rather they would probably be entertaining us xx

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Dee – that “thingy” in your vein is called a cannula love – by the end of your treatment you will more than likely be proficient in inserting the bloody things yourself!

    Keep up the good craic – loving it from this end of the earth. Hx

  5. Anonymous says:

    See I am such a softy but a little tear fell today when I read this last blog, but you are going to kick the shite out of cancer because you are so positive. Loving the blogs and sending my love from the land of Oz. Sx

  6. cathriona says:

    Dee – you are a great scribe – Brings back lots of memories – have to say they are great in Vincents and you are in good hands. Onwards and upwards is the attitude – One down Yippee – Ironically off for my annual check this morning – mammogram and bloods – 10 years on :-)

    • deefed says:

      Ah good stuff cathriona 10 years on, another lady yesterday posted as well and she was in for her 3rd six month check up also from our area and it was all systems go for her too. Vincents are great – its great that the hospital is close to home to makes it more familiar!! Good luck today

  7. Deirdre says:

    I was waiting all day for this blog:) …. even checked into your page incase i had missed it… glad you got through the day and you are now on the recovery road….well done to your mum, as mums ourselves I know when my little boy was Very sick i felt so out of control , it must be so hard for her to know if she is doing the right thing, but with such a positive daughter she must be a wonderful lady too…. love to you all xxx

    • deefed says:

      Thanks Deirdre – yes it was great that Mam was with me and as you said as a Mam yourself you know how much you hurt when you see a child sick. How cool is someone waiting for me to post!!! Been up since 4.45am gonna have a sleep now (ha ha I said that an hour ago) they do say the first two days you sort of buzz!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi D,not much of a fb user but really enjoy reading yor blog,you have great courage and attitude to all this wish you all the best with your treatment,have passed this site on to a friend who has just started her chemo last week,you will keep her positive and entertained!! Susan xx

  9. Jackie McEwan says:

    Hi Deirdre, jackie mcewan here…..left a comment I think on your Facebook page but not sure if you will get it…..Lucie phoned tonight with your tit blog details….you are bloody amazing….told Alan tonight and for the first time he was speechless….the mad bastard is on another pilgrimage to Santiago….keeps him out of trouble…you just keep blogging and I will keep reading and you will emerge with a magnificent pair of 36 D’s. sending all our love and strength xxx