Dee Day or should I say C Day?

Can’t believe that tomorrow I am starting chemotherapy – crap that must mean I have cancer!

Reality is kicking in – been in a bit of a strange dazed sort of mood today, couldnt concentrate at work (then again that’s nothing new).  Had around three misty eye moments out of nowhere.   Had the most dreadful heartburn which I havent had in over six years. Strange I also had a pain in my right boob which I have never had before – so maybe that was the cancer feeling nervous thinking that their time had come :-)

Tomorrow I am a sick person, one that will be going to hospitals, one that will be fighting a big ugly disease.   Who is this person?  It’s not me – reckon they got mixed up – will wake up tomorrow and it will be a dream?   Hopefully its the DT’s it happened to Christy Moore it could happen to me.

Folks dropping me in tomorrow and my Mam will “hang around” the hospital waiting for me not exactly room in the Chemo room.   Then its straight to Rathmore under orders to see how I feel – gonna have a battle on my hands if I want to go home later that day:-)

Gonna bring my laptop, and iPhone of course to keep me company and maybe a book.  However am looking forward to meeting the other people in the room and hearing their stories.   I will probably look like the new kid on the block, healthy, loads of hair and happy and the others will be looking at me thinking poor girl.

Reckon it will be a bit like labour (for those women who have not had a baby yet and plan to dont read this) – no one really tells you what its like.  Used to laugh when first time Mothers tell me about getting their hair done before, new nighty bought, pedicure and manicure (I would laugh inside of course) before they went in to have the baby.  When you get in there its a totally different story!

So folks I’m on my merry way I have friends who are Buddhists, Jehovah’s, Christians, Protestants, Atheists, Catholics and on and on.     Please take some time tonight to get your God  or your Spiritual preference to forgive me in advance for killing so many cancer cells.   I will feel no remorse, I am not going to jail for it and I certainly wont weep over their grave.

Gonna Float Like a Butterfly and Sting Like a Bee


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11 Responses to Dee Day or should I say C Day?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Best of Luck Dee, My prayers and thoughts go with you. The nurses in St. Annes are great and will look after you. Plenty of fluids and plenty of rest. Michelle xx

    • deefed says:

      Thansk Michelle all went graet nurses were brilliant. Wide awake at 4.45 though and tried to go back to sleep – but have the day to myself today so will make up for it later xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dee, good luck tomorrow. Can you let me have your address? I want to send you something. Take it easy and my thoughts will be with you tomorrow. On a much brighter note….did you see John Hanan’s lovely wedding photos on his page? He looks really well and very happy :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    That was Eleanor bu the way – my luddite status now firmly established in that I cannot navigate these new modern blogs!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey deeee had to read this twice to just pull myself together… Ok very big day… U need a song like Katy Perry’s firework… To get thru today and the nxt one… Very corny but that’s life. Keep writin, keep strong xxx

  5. Lorna Duggan says:

    All the love & luck in the world Deirdre. You are so much bigger that this feckin Cancer. Cyber hug on it’s way. xox Lorna

  6. Michelle Waters says:

    Hey Dee, hope today went well and ur not feeling too bad :-)
    Saying a little prayer to the big man above for you xx