Healthy and Happy Heart :-)

Well after spending a day getting over my Pre Chemo Night out with the girlies its back to reality!  Had a great night out playing the “Cancer Card” came in very handy.  We were top of the queue to get in to the disco,  they left us last in the bar as I told the kindly bouncer my story and with a big queue in the Chipper “sort of” place a local felt sorry for me and donated his burger and chips to me.  See told you it had benefits ;-)

Off to Vincents again for 11.30 appointment decided to treat myself to brekkie out because as per usual forgot to have breakfast (or didn’t have time to).   Also parked over in Tescos as well instead of spending a fortune in the rip-off prices of Vincents parking, luckily didn’t get clamped anyhow and spend enough in Tescos during the year to be able to avail of their free parking!

Met BFF Grainne Hartnett who came up from Wexford just to be with me for the appointment – now how cool is that!  We had coffee first then off we went to St Annes Ward to meet the Chemo Nurse.   Got out of the lifts and straight away an orderly asked me “are you Deirdre Featherstone” I said yes of course (no point in lying) whisked off to have an Echo Cardioagram (spelling….).   Got to see the inside of my heart for around fifteen minutes which was really amazing.   They gave me the report (stapled so I couldn’t read it but of course managed to peek at it and from what I could read seemed good)

Met the lovely Oncology Nurse who confirmed my heart was in great shape.  Then she spent literally and hour and a half of going through exactly what chemo was about, how it was administered and how I might feel etc.etc.  Main thing is that I get chemo one day every three weeks – the middle week is very important to make sure that I am not around people who are sick and stay away from public transport, big shopping centres etc.etc. as my immune system will be low and its easy to pick up an infection.   Any temps over 38 have to report immediately.

It was confirmed that I would definitely lose my hair :-( very distressing I think, this will happen within two weeks of my first chemo.  Was also told that most likely eyebrows and eyelashes will go to – then I really will look like an alien.   Good news was that there are also other areas of my body that hair wont grow :-)   saving me a fortune in waxing ;-)

So that’s my life sorted for the next six months with Chemo – then after its more rounds and rounds of test to make sure chemo is working and that my tumours have reduced in size and of course they main thing is nuking the fuckers before they move anywhere else. After that the operation.

The nurse showed me the Chemo Treatment Room – was just a row of people sitting in armchairs with drips in their arms – quite close together.  Not really like the way it was in Sex n the City with loads of chairs for your mates :-)   Nice thing about it was that its air-conditioned as the ward itself was roasting.  There was an array of people from 30′s to 70′s with different hairstyles.   Was thinking in life we all have different sort of friends, School Friends, College Friends, Work Friends etc. and was just thinking will these be my Cancer Friends?   Must say am looking forward to meeting all these lovely brave people.   I have no doubt that there will be a lot of people who are way sicker than me in there and their battle will be much harder for them.  I will then be humbled and thank God that what I have is curable.

It’s all getting very real, reality is kicking in as to how my life is going to change in the next year.  I saw a lady taking a baby out of the car this morning and putting her in her buggy to do the shopping was thinking – wish that was me (not for the baby part but for the normality of a normal life again).   It’s so strange to think that my life for the next year will be health, hospitals, medicine, doctors and nurses and cocooning myself from infection in that middle week.  I am not scared about starting, all I hope is that it works and that after the first round they can see my tumours are getting smaller – that will be the best news I can get – don’t really care what they take off me as long as I get over it.

So I am ready,  a bit anxious, a bit excited but looking forward to getting better and getting results that my cancer is diminishing.

So I’m on the road to recovery!!!!

Also my lovely friend Simone came over with a goody bag of Keraskin products to keep my skin in shape during all this – oooooh absolutely lovely!



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10 Responses to Healthy and Happy Heart :-)

  1. Martina says:

    Love th updates Dee… xx

  2. Grace says:

    Amazing Attitude Deirdre! My Mum survived breast cancer…she had the same attitude and out look….its half the battle won :-) xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    You can do it Dee – we all behind you and wishing you well. Time will fly and you’ll be over the tough bits before you know it. Thinking of you, Orla.

  4. Lucie says:

    strong and brave that is what you are my celtic tiger….thinking of you lots and sending you lots of love lucie, peter and kids xxxxx

  5. Tess says:

    Don’t know you but your blog is fantastic and your attitude to this is amazing – that is half the battle I believe and I’ve a really good feeling all is going to be good for you at the end of this journey – my sister in law just got the all clear about 3 months ago from non hodgkins lymphoma with 6 months chemo (once every 2 weeks) and lost hair, eyebrows, eyelashes etc but she had a really great attititude like you and docs said that paid off – not saying she didn’t have the crap days too but you seem like a strong one and you will kick the shite out of this x

    • deefed says:

      Hi Tess – Oooooh I love when people are as positive as you and good feelings about this – sounds great to me. Thanks a million for the post, glad to hear your sister in law got through with flying colours! Thanks x