Benefits of having Cancer

What I hear you say?  Benefits of Cancer – yes there are loads!  Listing just a few of the great things that have happened to me in the last few weeks.

  • Everyone thinks I am amazing :-)   not sure why but…. hey will take all the praise
  • I have met so many new wonderful people through this blog
  • So many people have personally contacted me with their phone numbers who have gone through this as well and offering their support to me
  • I have flowers from wonderful friends in every room in the house
  • I had a mass said for me in the Buddha Centre in Dublin
  • Got lovely box of chocs to help me through Chemo
  • Sister Mia got me lovely fleecy jacket to keep me warm at night
  • Lovely Julieanne gave me lovely pressies, hand band, scarf, mini Buddha, Candle holder and more!!
  • Met up with my lovely Aunty Marie and Linda and Marie Shadlow hosted a lovely lunch for me and we had a great laugh
  • I am getting Chemo caps knitted for me in the US by Angie!
  • Candles have been lit for me in Dublin, Wicklow and Roscommon
  • Have had so many offers of help with the kids during Chemo so will be taking you up on that
  • Endless texts from well wishing friends and family
  • Some lovely cards dropped in by neighbours
  • Fantastic care by the lovely staff in St Vincents
  • Lovely phone calls from friends Far and Wide

Now folks that is just a few – I feel like its my birthday everyday getting so much love and support from everyone!   Really realise now what absolutely FANTASTIC friends and family I have.

Oh yeah one more – having a Pre Chemo Girlie Night Out tonight with lovely sis Mia, the Wonderful Ger and my Adopted sis Anne!!

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7 Responses to Benefits of having Cancer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy you deserve it.

  2. gayle says:

    you are so wonderful and everyone obviously thinks it too!! xxx

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just finished reading ur blog cuz, it is really amazing, never meet a stronger person in all my life than you. You go and beat the crap out of this bastard and we will have the biggest party when all your hard work is over, love ya cuz xxx

  4. laurapricey says:

    Brilliant! I wrote a similar post to this too that you might like:

    I was diagnosed at st Vincent’s in June as well and I agree the breast care nurses were brilliant. Next time you see them, please tell em Laura price sends her love!
    Good luck with your next few steps.
    Ps what gorgeous daughters you have – lucky lady!
    Keep kickin it,