Holy Shit I got a Date – waaaaaaaa

Just got a call from the Oncology nurse.  I have a time for Chemo.  Oh My God it all feels so real now.   Really fast in the end they got a slot on Thursday and my ass is gonna be sitting in a recliner.

How do I feel? emmmmmm not sure – excited, in shock, reality has landed.  To be honest,  really honest,  not scared about doing chemo at all – the actual sitting there and taking the chemo in etc.   Bit scared of how I am going to feel afterwards. I don’t do sick well!  If I was the sort of person that got sick with a hangover would never drink – that’s how much I hate being sick (physically sick I mean) nearly get a panic attack if I think I am going to get sick.   However loads of people go through it without being sick – so lets hope thats me!!

The urgency of it all is a bit scary to be honest – however the quicker I get started the quicker I finish!

Weird things go through your mind was really hoping to get started at soon as possible – then was thinking Ah Crap its a big party for my brother Colly retiring from the force on Friday – will I feel okay?  I certainly hope so as this was gonna be the last big bash until I have to start behaving myself for a change!   The Thin Lizzy guys who are really really cool are playing again so reckon will be still up to do some air-guitaring and of course still have my long hair to do some head banging!    Couldnt do that with a wig!

By the way just writing whats running through my head – sick, hair, Colly party, chemo, wig blah blah blah

Meeting the nurse on Monday to go through everything to do with Chemo also having an echo cardiogram – obviously to check my heart is ok.  I know it is sure its a big one :-)

Well that’s it folks – I’m stepping into the boxing ring


Ring Size Seats now being sold – all proceeds go to my Celebratory Piss-Up this time next year!!!!!

Thanks all if you have read this far!!


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9 Responses to Holy Shit I got a Date – waaaaaaaa

  1. Anonymous says:

    Go girl we’re all rooting for u xxxxx

  2. Anonymous says:

    I now enter my mailbox expecting another chapter from ‘Dee’. We all would prefer the topic to be anything but ‘C’, unfortunately it is and it hurts that many people deal with it in their lives. But if there is an upside, it’s people like you that do deal with it and are able to share it. For every chapter you write you inspire me….so I thank you.

    If I can I would like to share with you this – my brother-in-law was told he had bone cancer (approx. April 2011). Since this news he has done everything he could to improve this health, even drunk the most vile green vegie gunk each morning…yuk! Recently went overseas for a few weeks with my sister and has never missed more than a few days work, other than this holiday. Pretty good going considering the doctors said they couldn’t help him. Both my 8yr old daughter Jade and I went to Sydney to keep him company during some chemo (as my sister doesn’t drive and is going blind). His spirt is always high and positive, and like you always willing to share info. He hasn’t been sick after chemo, just very sleepy.

    As for the menopause, I was diagnosed 4yrs ago. The doctors believe menopause hit me not long after I had Jade which was 38 yrs old. Most of the time I’m just me (hopefully normal, but I’m not really sure what normal is these days), then just a few days a month I go a little out of control, sometimes I tell my friends ‘I’m just having a blond day’. I don’t get night sweats, just tired and irritable….so I send myself off to my room or go outside with a glass of merlot.

    Just one last thing to share – Jade is in yr 2 and has been given her first project to be completed on a Country of her choice on a poster and presented to her year. As we went to Ireland two years ago, Jade has choosen Ireland. I said to her she needs to write about traditions, climate, food and interesting facts….oh she says interesting facts are easy, ‘The people are always happy, laugh alot and have lovely voices’. It was one of those moments I fell silent and have to say I thought of you.X Kath

    • deefed says:

      HI Kath – my God you nearly have me in tears with that last comment – thanks xxx God sounds like your brother in law has the right attitude alright – look at him a year and a half on – hopefully the chemo will whack the dreaded C. Wow that was early with the menapause – you know didnt really think about it til a friend said oh God poor you having the menapause – only the did I realise oops shit dont really want this – dont know much about it. Permanent PMT with sweats? Glad you didnt have the sweats – god dont fancy the thought of that! Jade sounds so lovely would be great to meet you again hopefully when I kick this thing will treat myself to a trip to Oz and will come up and see you xx thanks a million Kath

  3. Anonymous says:

    will be rooting for ya x

  4. Gayle says:

    Have you read about life Mel honey? You’ll be fine, I love your sense of humor you bring a smile to my face every day. X

  5. Anonymous says:

    My frequent flyers are tacking up – maybe if you are up for a piss up, I could come for a visit??