Telling EVERYONE on FB!

Another great step for me was after telling my folks I really wanted to post it on Facebook that I had cancer - it was like the last place I had to tell everyone and it was a huge relief!  I am extremely lucky with such good friends I had told a lot of them but unfortunately didn’t have the energy to tell you all.

Facebook to me is like a Pub back in the 80′s its a place you go to chat to your friends.  I love Facebook and all the wonderful people on here – I relax on my computer turn on some of my “dodgy” music and catch up on friends from Kildare to New Zealand.    Since being on Facebook I have reconnected with old school friends,  friends from the Sportsman and O’Dwyers eras, friends from Oz and Sweden!  How would I have reconnected or kept in touch which everyone without Facebook?   Probably never would have been in contact with them (as most of my friends know am dreadful at keeping in contact!)

I have been totally totally overwhelmed (in a nice way) by all the love and support I have received from friends.  People who don’t even know me and who are friends of friends have sent me private messages with support.  Three old school friends contact me via FB saying they too had gone through it and anytime I wanted a chat just to pick up the phone.  Am really lapping it all up – so keep it up folks – love getting those messages of support when I turn on my phone or PC.

I feel so grateful to all of you – those who chat with me late at night, those who listen to my great taste in music, those who like my dodgy photos and those whose sarcastic wit I enjoy so much.

Also thanks to all the lovely ladies in the FB Business Group you are great and thanks for all the good wishes – don’t worry am nearly back at the Helm so will be posting again soon :-)

So just remember – I do have Cancer but I am still just Dee so don’t be giving me any sympathy “likes” on my music now as you feel sorry for me :-)

If your picture is not on the right – don’t be upset – Jesus have over 300 friends (cost me a fortune at €50 a pop) would be here all shagging day putting your pictures up!!   The one’s on the right though have a special place in my heart especially after the last few weeks!!!

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2 Responses to Telling EVERYONE on FB!

  1. Mairéad Lafferty says:

    You keep going on about your dodgy taste in music. Let me tell you your on the top 3 list of music I listen to on Facebook. Does this mean my taste in music in sh**e??? I’m still laughing at the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ bit. Blog is great. Keep it up along with your positive attitude!