MRI to Stairway to Heaven

Peek a Boo

Time to don my lovely Blue Guna again – seriously it really is the height of fashion and I love the way you can wear it both ways – front or back!

Again staff lovely and helped me get on the machine literally boobs first it was so cool there was a hole for each of them!!   Not the most comfortable way of lying upside down with your boobs caught on both side by some object.

They said it’s quite noisy so we can put headphones on and you can listen to music – I said cool – they said do you want radio or classic I said radio – was in the tube with headphones on loads of noise but Maggie May came on and that’s my girl - that gave me a lovely comforting feeling.   Next up on Nova was Stairway to Heaven – seriously were they having a laugh trying to keep still to that – after the fourth minute – but I fecking danced in my head.

Was a long old scan around 30 minutes and again the dye fed through my hands – you should see the state of my hands they are black and blue – along with other parts of me!

All went well and tried to get off the machine as gracefully as possible – felt actually quite weak after it thought I was going to faint – but all okay in the end.

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